Razorback Stutter

Hey up - just a quick question for someone to field. (If you decide to take this one GT Saiko, please add a little light comedy to your reply as I often fall asleep reading your posts and really must avoid that while at work).

Anywho, onto the question - where was I, oh yeah…Razorback. His tuant skill does not seem to start recharging after you use it for quite some time. I never really noticed that before and wondered if it was something deliberate after the latest update or a bug or simply how he has always been designed.


As far as I know, his shield can’t be recharged as long as it is currently active, to avoid chaining shields repeatedly. This has been like that for at least 3 months, if I remember correctly. Could be more, but I didn’t own him, so I can’t really tell.



Ah - I think I see what you mean. Mmmm, not sure if you…asleep!