Is the Element Wars Bugged?

Don’t know if I’m the only one who noticed this, but doesn’t the skills of Mechs in the these past Element wars charge a bit slower? To wit, I used Marlowe and finished an entire pvp match WITHOUT any of my skills finishing charging. Is this a bug?

Mech has a higher skill recharge rate this time. It changes every event (bonus damage, critical damage, healing, etc…)

No its a bug they said they would fix previous elemental brawl, they didn’t yet

Aren’t they supposed to recharge faster?

Yeah its too slow again

Noticed it too. Bronze skills are fixed (more or less) but Silver skills are again just broken… So everyone get your 4-CEP or Shivs out and abuse the broken system again… Not that i would have expected anything better…

Try using dogface. 8 clip reloads and skills still aren’t charged

Very broken. Keel never heals before the match is over. You can just test a team in free pvp to verify the rate of recharge in the event.

Sad, I wanted to play with Striker. Useless without drones.

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Predator, bronze isn’t fixed either. Do a quick run with Razorback in free pvp then the event. His bronze charges inside 1 clip vs the 2nd or possibly 3rd depending how accurate you shot, in the event.

Well, in the last Elemental War i couldn’t even get a single charge for Kurtz bronze talent up, this time at least it does charge when i hit enemy players. So in that case, the bronze is at least fixed to a certain degree. But apart from that it’s still completely broken and shows very well, which mech heros are still completely broken around their standard attacks and damage, i.e. Shivs (especially) and 4-CEP to a certain degree.

Haven’t seen anything about a fix yet. Element brawl coming up