Elemantalwars, a wasted chance?

Since the PvP event is over I want to know what you think of it.

For me it was a wasted opportunity. The outstanding Mech damage dealers got even stronger. Irfits Platinum and Bronze got even stronger and the Energy healers attacking power got buffed. So all in all, the Irfit meta builds got even stronger.
Why not change the Mech and Chem bonus? Strong Mech healers and Bio heroes controlling the field with their fast recharging AoE skills would have been much more interesting. Energy damage dealers would deal good damage because of the 1.2 attacking power and 1.1 attacking speed. So we would have had many of the communitys ideas/suggestions realized. May even keep the element bonus alive to break the Irfit metas by killing Flatline and Irfit fast. Would have been much more interesting.


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