Is there a fix coming for butters damage eater

In the pics you’ll see what these two characters gold skills do
At the start of the match butter should automatically be receiving extra life based on damage from opposing team but it’s only turning on partially There’s no cycle like on and off doesn’t turn back on butter dies soon after
if everybody on the team as a shield
at some point everybody’s taking damage to their shields
Butter should be on and off receiving health to his gold scale allowed limit
it turns on once for me and then doesn’t turn on again

Butter is awesome but this isn’t broken or something that needs a “fix”.

I’ve run this combo myself but its really unimpressive if Butter gets focused first (their Panzer unloaded into him) but its also unimpressive if the other team just ignores him. Kill a squishy before he uses his teamshield (or just shoot through it, its not that strong) and continue to get picks until you’re ready to finish him.

If this was on something like Hivemind who gets stronger as he stays alive I would agree but Butter only offers modest damage and a modest team shield every 20-30 seconds - god forbid you have to use strategy now and change your game plan when he rolls with a shield-heavy lineup.

Phalanx shield only covers for 50% so it shouldn’t be higher then that, probably 3k health(your butter this case).

This doesn’t just happen with that combination it happens with butters and any shielding hero
butters gold works off any shield on your team taken damage
It turned on once he gets the heath boost and then it doesn’t turn on again
How’s it possible with every team member getting that shield at the beginning the match then taking damage to the shield that’s why am asking because it doesn’t make sense before the updated it was fine

Krate I don’t know what you’re commenting on
please understand butters has damage eater
anybody team member shield doesn’t matter if 50% damage absorption
any team members with Active shield that gets hit
he supposed to initiate Damage eater I’m assuming there’s some kind a time delay just doesn’t go off over and over and over
Type a shield doesn’t matter the character producing a shield doesn’t matter

50% cause phalanx her shield only works for 50%, for the rest I agree, he should be healing from the start when paired with a gold phalanx

Oh I see you don’t understand this is only about butters and his damage eater gold skill
Not firing off as it’s designed Just read the skill bios
Whatever the shield
whoever gives a shield
it doesn’t matter whoever has the shield
doesn’t matter because he gains life by someone taking damage to a shield that it
Please once again read before you comment it’s right on the heading when you clicked on it

The little Display buff will turn on and off as Damage is absorbed, but the effect is always active. Any damage absorbed by any shield on any Hero will trigger the Healing for Butter.

I am not seeing any issues with this skill currently and it appears to be working as designed.

Please clarify what part of the skill isn’t working?

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Thank you for the answer that’s what I was looking for
that makes sense
why I Don’t see the damage eat on screen but the effect still happening I understand I get it

Krate I did some research and took your example
Butters and phalanx
Phalanx 50% team shield Absorbs-up to 65,000+
Butters damage eater Takes 75% of the damage to team member shield and applies up to 6 to 7000 health
Calculator tells me 75% of 65,000 is around 48,000 something
So 6 to 7000 health will be restored up to 48,000 every time a team member shield is hit
And I have no idea
If you can kill somebody who still has a shield on
Without first removing the shield
If you can kill somebody before shield was depleted
this affect won’t matter

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