Should i buy this?

is this package worth it? I am non paying user just bought mini monthly package i don’t plan on spensing more for now.I don’t have both heroes or any heroes actually haven’t used my gold yet

No, don’t buy this. 799 gold takes forever to collect and 60 + 60 fragments isn’t a lot. The PVP gems are pitiful and 200 stamina is less than one days worth of stamina.

How is the picture Ryker but the offer is for Caine and Panzer?

I’d buy the offer… 799 gold and 2 good heroes that you haven’t unlocked yet.

The ONLY time I would recommend buying this is if buying it will unlock both Caine and Panzer for you. If 60 frags each won’t unlock them both, then don’t waste your gold. However, 800 gold to unlock 2 top-tier heroes is absolutely worth it.

why i am not getting this offer!i am seeing the offer of 399 gold for 60 caine frag, energy and pvpggems.!i really want panzar as i dont.have her and i dont.see this offer!why my offer is different.will changed within these 4 days?

@Gourab_Roy - Special offers are targeted to accounts individually. They vary based on a lot of factors, including region, platform, your progress in the game, and most importantly: your VIP level. Players with high VIP levels tend to get very expensive offers that give a lot more rewards, while low VIP players get cheaper ones that offer less. It’s all based on the game’s calculation of how much you might be willing to spend so they can maximize the likelihood of people buying them.

So is it possible.that they will.change the offer 5 days?or will i get new offer if i buy the current one?i have saved 4000 gold just for a offer that includes panzar. :frowning:

As far as I know, you will not get a new offer if you buy this one. I would ignore the offer if I were you. Generally the best way to use your gold is to buy the 10x Hero Crate for 2,700. That way, you get a guaranteed 5* hero with a decent chance for more. Plus a ton of frags for decent value.

But as i am vip 0 i can not buy 10 hero crate together! so i wont get garunteed 5* heroo.Anyway thanks.

Don’t buy offers, ever. The only reason you’d buy them is for the Hero Fragments or any Gold they reward. Even then, you would be better off playing the game normally for a few months.

Thank you all for your replies i decided not to buy.As good as panzer is it won’t be much use to me by just 3 stars i need to plan for long run and get cheapest way of fragments

She won’t stay at 3 stars forever. But you have to unlock a hero before you can add elemental and universal frags. So, as @Papa_Marsh said:

Ok thanks bought it so far it seems absolutely worth it

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The offer for me is 60x Ifrit, 60x Panzer, and 60x Caine fragments, 1.5k PVP Gems, and 300 sta for 1399 gold.

While the other crates are probably more bang for you buck in terms of fragments, I tend to get a lot of crappy heroes (bought a few UAF crates over the past month and got Baron almost every time…). At least with this crate you KNOW you are going to be getting 3 top tier heroes. Just something to consider.

Woah - my offer 125 frags for 4 different heroes plus stamina, cash, alliance gems and skill points for 5,199! I’m VIP 14.

Awesome! Glad to hear it!

What was the fourth hero? It seems like this offer cost more gold and gives bigger rewards based on your VIP.

I have the vip offer of caine flatline panzer and infrit 125 frags each for t100 gold so not woth it to me

It was caine, flatline, ifrit, Panzer.

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