Is this a bug?

On one account everything uses 6 fuel cell and another uses 20

I don’t understad.
I think it’s depending on which character you wanna upgrade and how far promoted he is.

this character is silver 3 above is silver 2

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they are 2 accounts. to help this is dog face from the 20 fuel cell needed account silver only

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20 applies to all characters on that account and 6 on another account

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You use 2 different accounts? With different upgrade requirements?

And I thought 20 is the normal value for fuel cells, you will need them a lot.

For the rest, idunno

Main account uses 10. So far saw 6 10 and 20 across 3 accounts

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That’s weird, I have no answer for this

Wait, wait, wait… One account needs like 1/3 resources to upgrade things?

Damn… I wouldn’t mind this at all.

Sounds like a bug. The weirdest I’ve ever seen. As far as I know, all players I have ever chatted with about crafting always had the one with the biggest requirement. Is the first time I see the other 2.

Hmm well my very first account needed 10. So 20 is the requirement for most?

yeah. nth much just wondering. well multiple accounts is okay right?.
i started the accounts on the same google account, maybe that caused the bug.

but weird that the first account i played used 10 cells, 2nd account used 20 and last used 6

As the form goes bro they’ll go back and correct what they say to make it look like they’re on subject but not trying to help you
You can have multiple accounts far as I know
what you were saying is relevant hopefully somebody else jumps on here with some more Information to help out

You are allowed to have multiple accounts.

But I sure hope this is a bug and gets fixed soon.
That’s not fair at all for some accounts to require a fraction of the items needed to upgrade a hero compared to other accounts.

This is a tricky subject we need to developers to give us some kind of answer

Sometimes we want to make changes that could be seen as controversial or could have a negative impact on the game. When this is the case we test the alternative(new) against what we have currently. If the test results are positive, and very often they are, we make the change available to everyone in the community. One example of this was the recent change to Quick Win Tickets.

Our goal is to make the best game possible for everyone. One way we try to do this is by testing new ideas, in this case, different upgrade recipes for Heroes. It’s important to note that only a small number of new users are involved in these tests.

This is not actually a bug, though I can see why it would appear to be one.

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good to know. 20 seems to be really bad tho