Energycells for gold skill

I hope its the right translation, in german its Kraftstoffzelle.

You need at least 80 per Hero, to get them to gold. Sure Gold shouldnt be something you get in a day, but thats just to much. Why do we need this for every Hero? Why not anything else? There are so many items you can get and most of them you barely use. But this one you need for every hero, no matter if they are mech, energy or chem.

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Just wait until you are working your way through the gold levels.

It is 200 silver fuel cells per hero :slight_smile:

There are other items also needed by every hero in slightly less quantities. Such as the throwing stars and daggers for crafting various items. All of which increase in the number you need as you level up through the promotions.


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It may seem like too much but if you concentrate on just farming those cells, you can usually get enough to up a hero in a couple days. Honestly, that pace seems about right. If it was easier, everyone would have all gold characters. They have to make this game grindy to extend longevity (and to get impatient people to spend $$$).

Where’s the best node to farm these bronze fuel cell? I’m farming in 3-7 since it also has a chance to drop the silver throwing knives.

I’m on my way to my first gold and the 20 pieces per level is driving me crazyyyy =D

I tend to farm silver (4-5) ones when trying to gear up.

There is a chance to get bronze ones anyway and you will need a lot more silver ones once you get into gold and start striping.


Thanks! I’ll start farming 4-5 while waiting for the gold pieces to drop.

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