Addition of Heronium


What is Heronium?

With the launch of the JULY Update, we’re excited to unveil Heronium, the newest resource you can earn in Hero Hunters!

  • Where can I earn Heronium? Once you Evolve a Hero to a 10-Star rating, any Hero Fragments you earn for that Hero will be converted into Heronium Gems. Spend your Heronium Gems in the Heronium Store on upgrades that best fit your needs.
  • What can I purchase with Heronium? Heronium can be used in the new Heronium Store, where you can purchase Elemental Fragments, Hero Fragments, and Skin Tokens for unlocking unique customization options for your Heroes!

Why the addition?

We want to give players more value for putting in the hard work to 10-star a Hero. However, we’ve also starting to see a troubling problem for long-term game balance. Elemental Fragments earned from fragments of 10-star Heroes are creating an “uncatchable ceiling” for newer players.

  • Currently, earning Elemental Fragments from having a 10-star Hero allows your next Hero to be evolved to 10-stars quicker than the last one.
  • This effect scales with every additional 10-star Hero of the same element.
  • This creates a runaway effect where every additional 10-star decreases the time needed to get the next 10-star.
  • Players who are just now earning their first 10-star Hero are competing with veterans who can get heroes to 10-stars at exponentially quicker rates and who will continue to outpace the newer players potentially forever.

Promoting balance and fair play.

We landed on a solution that we feel addresses this “uncatchable ceiling” problem while increasing the value of having a 10-star Hero for all players.

  • The Heronium Store is adding in daily purchase limits, just like the Alliance store.
  • This means that there is a cap to the number of Elemental Fragments you can earn per day through 10-star Heroes. This cap is the same across all players.
  • Having this cap in place now means that incoming players will eventually be able to get Heroes to 10-stars at the same rate as veteran players.
  • However, the Heronium Store allows you to purchase more than just Elemental Fragments, so veteran players will still be able to get more value out of their additional 10-star Heroes!

Hopefully, this has helped explain our reasoning behind the change. We’re not aiming to de-value having a 10-star Hero. Quite the opposite! We want to empower you guys to focus on the parts of the game that matter to you, but we also need to ensure that this game is fair for as many people as possible if we want Hero Hunters to have a bright and long future.

Note that skins are not exclusive to this store. Having 10-star heroes will allow you earn skins
quicker, but there are plenty of other ways to earn them.

TLDR: Before the introduction of Heronium the more 10-Star Heroes you obtained, the easier it was for you to obtain more. We made this change because we want all players on even footing in regards to 10-Star Heroes.

Thanks so much for your continued support!
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Just as I’ve been saying this “uncatchable ceiling” is a load of crap! What about all the beta players or people that spent tons of money that have a roster full of 10* already how exactly are we supposed to catch them now? You are right it’s supposed to be easier the more 10* you get the easier it becomes. That’s why players like me and many many others work our asses off pvping and doing everything we can to max our heroes to 10*. This change is stupid period. You basically cemented all the beta players and big time spenders as being uncatchable ever now no matter how hard you pvp or how dedicated you are to hero hunters unless you pony up tons of money you won’t ever be on a equal playing field. You wanted to remove the “uncatchable ceiling” well you just did the opposite… you created one.


Nope, i had a bad feeling last week, I wasn’t happy with the maybe changes last week, I even wanted to quit, but this is a awsome upgrade.

When I was reading the update notice I even thought this is the end of hero hunters for me, but it’s the opposite for me.

It’s a good update, thanks again, you surprised me again, with Al these negativity going around the board you did an amazing job, thank you.


I agree with Von. I do like the new additions made to the game but i feel like changing the 10* extra shards is to late i the game as a lot of people already have maxed hero’s. So like like many others i started putting a everything into one hero to get extra shards to spread to other hero’s… that’s ridiculous


Yeah, the whole reason some terrible heroes were brought to 10 stars in the first place was to get elemental frags from them to apply the frags to purchase only heroes, and now that source is being slowed way down.

This is essentially garbage. Can’t believe I’ve spent as much money as I have up to this point.

Amazing update. Thank you

180 frags a day and another 180 for certain heroes at double cost sounds reasonably good to me, not going to lie.

But I don’t have a single 10*, so I don’t really know. I agree with the reasoning made here than people 10*heroes as soon as they are unlocked is not healthy for the game. And takes away a lot of money from HH.

You may call this move ‘money grabbing’. But this game is a business. Without profit, it closes. If it closes your money spent on 10* will truly become useless.

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I can agree people hitting 10* on heroes as soon as they are unlocked is a huge problem but that falls more back on a problem with the beta players/big spenders that have the roster full of 10*. I’ll reserve further judgement til I’ve had a chance to play for several days but my early impression is this.

With the introduction of skins with bonuses attached to them what we may end up having is more of the betas/spenders will gravitate towards spending their heronium on skins and less on frags which is great in theory. Allowing the newer and average to catch up some. But in reality what’s going to happen is with a team full of 10* they will be Getting so much heronium they will get all frags and skins now as well as gear items each day further widening the gap.

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Now the person who started the game late like me is more difficult to collect fragment.
If they really think about balance,

should have created a system that gives the low-ranking people a chance.

this patch sucks


Yes, it would be hard to crawl up the food chain. But there is a way for a free to play player to crawl up the food chain easy. But you do need lots of time. I MEAN A LOT.

How is conversion scaled? One Fragment is converted into one Heronium?

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1 fragment is converted to 50 heronium

Okay, thank you. Then you will get the same number of Frags as before

Exactly. Basically you’re getting universal frags. Limited to 60 of each kind per day

If anything, this update made getting addiational 10* heroes easier for newer players who just got their first. My only 10* was dogface, I was getting around 30 of his mech shards a day and now I’m able to transfer those over to energy or bio shards, as I have a some of those heroes at 9 stars and maubel only got 5-10 of their shards a day. Love the changes and I think over all for the long term of the game this will be the best option.


It also made way easier to unlock heroes locked behind crates, since you can buy their frags (at double the price, but still). So this update made the game more F2P friendly, in my opinion

Unlocking a 5* from alliance store takes, at best, 11 days (15x11=165). Doing it from this store can take only 3 days, since you can buy up to 60 each day

I don’t really think this changes anything for players with no 10*, for the people with lots of 10* this might change a lot, probably need to play a few days and give feedback if it’s ok or if the store needs a little increase, for me it’s feeling great though

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I personally think that the Heronium mechanics will increase the inequality in the game, seeing as how the betas are given so much bum licking.

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I don’t agree what is told in the first post. We had 3 lines of players: usual players 100k-300k power, VIP14-15 300k-600k power and alpha-beta players 600k-800k power. So this heronium thing nothing changes for usual and beta players, but changes a lot for VIP players. You slowed down only VIP players, who made a salary for your employees. Usual players now will catch VIP players not in 1 year, but in 11 months, VIP players will catch alpha-beta not in 3 months, but in 6 months (or they will pay twice more money to make it still in 3 months). The only reason I see you have done this is trying to make VIP players to pay twice more amount of money for same amount of fragments they got before the update. Don’t know if it works. Good job.

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