Just a thought about alcatraz

When this new guy came along,I couldent help but notice hes a cop,with a gas mask or a “coronavirus mask” all suited up and specializes in crowd contol and he is named after a prison…weird hero to come out with while people all over the world are being quarantined,and America closes all sorts of businesses down…here in texas you cant even buy a gun without a LTC because they said they are holding background checks for 1 month…the people who are gonna make sure we stay in our homes, they are gonna look like this new hero,but Instead of police on it…it will say national guard or army…and not to mention his skills or special…confidential information,cease,desist, all points bulletin

All heroes take several months to develop, so Alcatraz was in development way before the virus outbreak. It’s just a random coincidence.


Aye as Vintermyst said, there is a pipeline of things that happen and all heroes have several months from creation to release. Nobody could predict this would happen just like Serials Skin being about Infection


trust me, the old name was bad


Indeed, you should really remember that making these heroes isn’t just writing down and making, there’s a lot of thought and effort behind it

Just bad timing, really. Thanks for your feedback!

Coincidence? I think not!

Well, you’re allowed to be wrong!