Today was awful

Today was an awful day, I put most of this blame on the players considering how we handled this and how we responded.


little changes, even if they arent permanent and are different than what they are used to, will trigger even the most toxic offenders. All they have to do is play through the event and give the pros/cons in a constructive manner and let the devs know. that way they can take that and apply it to the next bounty.

but people are kinda overreacting to this and ragequitting

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if you think its toxic here, go to walking dead road to survival forums, its nuclear there, makes people here like mother teresa

the creators are much worse than these guys, they have terrible odds dont fix bugs, have preferable offers for new players to suck them in, create things with bugs and dont communicate, they cant even get a calendar that works, we rely on the Russian vk forums for details.

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It doesn’t matter, because we’re better than those people. I would like to think that this community prides itself on its support for its devs and the great environment we’ve built here…

then again, I can be proven wrong. Knowing humanity, I will always be proven wrong.

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Today was shameless poorly thought out greed by the devs. Are you seriously taking their side on this? One run and they would seen this was a bad idea… Just one test run.

If it wasn’t greed… It was lazy, incompetent or just plain stupid… Thats what this was.

Oh it was for our benefit u say… Speed?

3x Auto button… Solved… What am I super genius for coming up with that? Really whole team and their answer to speed was this?

No. This was their answer to increased revenue on a bounty event with the hardest hitting faction… IE… Less revives… IE less gold… IE less revenue. Their answer to that… Was this… Shorter time. Bonus heroes only viable heroes. Need revives. Need gold. Spend $$. Not rocket science to see what they are doing.

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It’s only game. Why you heff to be mad.

It’s just a brief change. It’s not permanent. Nothing to get all toxic and rage quit about. Adapt to the new playstyle. Give the pros/cons in a nice constructive manner. Then the next time we may see more time, different prizes for the milestone. Idk, but I’ve seen all the crazy spew out onto the forums quickly.

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Im not rage quitting… My alliance still top 50. But I’m Vip 13. I spent good money. I’m not gonna kiss their @ss…Im gonna call em on their bullshit and im just not gonna spend anymore money. That’s all. But let’s not pretend these devs care about the quality of their game. This is proof… One test run… All it would of took.

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Whatever floats your boat.

But please elaborate how changing the time to 40 seconds to get more out of bounties is “greed”.

Only logical reason. Concern for normal gold revives due to Magistrates being one of the largest and THE hardest hitting faction. Honestly I can’t think of any other reason. Can’t be speed… Cuz 3x Auto fixes that… And it wouldn’t be new, we already have that feature in other parts of the game. So only reason left as small and ridiculous as it seems would be revives. 4.99 x 2500 players adds up.

So does that mean we can only use small factions, such as mercenaries? I’m down for a people’s guard month if we’re not allowed to use big factions anymore. Also, how does this relate to the recent bounty changes. Your points are not connected lol.

Nham I dont even understand your response. Magistrates is this bounty. A larger faction means more runs with Bonus Heroes. This is pretty basic.

I don’t think you get it. This has nothing to do with the time changes, a completely unrelated topic. Also, simple solution: don’t use gold to recharge. Use the recharges that the game gives you!

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Mindlessly cheerleading the Devs is what got us here in the first place.

If the Devs start to think they can get away with anything and still have a loyal fanbase to pay them, then eventually they will try to get away with anything - even horribly thought out ill-conceived crap like making Brogan required bounties, lowering the bounty cap, and giving us 30 seconds to fight each Bounty.

If you want a better game you have to tell the Developers forcefully, that you are going to stop giving them money, you’re going to uninstall, you’re going to leave a bad App review… if they keep ignoring their playerbase.

People have sat around politely waiting for PVP to be improved, and where has that gotten us? Its only when VIP chat explodes in anger about Ifrit endlessly reviving people that we ever got our first PVP hotfix, instead of the usual “wait until next month’s patch”. If there’s one thing I’ve gathered from HHG is that they don’t give a crap about what gets posted here - the only thing these guys hear is the sounds of $$$, and when VIP rages then they hear the sound of $$$ leaving and quickly promise change.


Bud I’m thinking this is going over your head… Best u sit this one out. If you don’t see how shortening time. Means more runs. Means more revives needed… Were not playing the same game.

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No…it just means you can use the faction heroes to do more damage and they have more health. You aren’t bound to use just that specific faction. You have other heroes from other factions

Lmao… Yeah cuz non bonus heroes do any damage… Lmao

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No it doesn’t. You can do 1 run every hour per hero, whether it is with the new or old bounty system. Think this one through next time.

Of course you have to resort to childish insults… how else are you going to win?

You are arguing completely unrelated points. The time of runs does not affect how many runs are needed. You will be scoring the same amount of points, regardless if it is the new system or old system.

Reduce time because it is too long, but takes twice as long to kill. Change failed

If it’s taking you long either
A) your heroes are weak
B) your bounty level is higher than you
C) all of the above

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