New PvP Mode: ARW (All-Random Warfare)

Here’s an idea: All-Random Warfare

New PvP Mode where players join the queue and get assigned a completely random team composition. Each hero would be the same star, same grade, and same rank to allow for a more evenly fought match (similar to duels).

Each hero, even if not owned, has the potential of being generated on the player’s team.
Each team would have even amounts of front, mid, and rear liners AND even amounts of each element.

For example: Each team could have 2 rear-liners, 2 mid-liners, and 1 front-liner, OR each team could have 3 front-liners, 1 rear-liner, and 1 mid-liner, BUT the amount of front, mid, and rear liners would never differ between each team. Same goes for amount of heroes for each element class.

Same rewards as Free Play PvP, but rather than being lives-based, there could be a limited number of plays per day based on Player Level…?

I think this would help stray away from the typical meta-gameplay, while being a fun addition to gain PvP shards by a different method :slight_smile:


Yessss definitely yesss especially on the limit

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