Kaishi Crate

What happened with the Kaishi crate? It was there, then it was gone, and now the only way to get him is to buy him for $29.99? Is the crate coming back eventually, or is Kaishi going to only be for the players who are pay to play?

I believe one of the devs stated in the chat that there was an issue with the crate during the update. Hopefully will be added back soon.

Also, following the pattern they have done since launch, Kaishi would be the reward for this months co-op raid so even if there is not a crate coming back you will still be able to unlock him without spending any gold. Sacrifice a little extra time of having him to save a little but of money.

The devs removed it because of some issues not sure what that was or if its returning. The only way to get him is to buy him for 30 bucks until the raid comes out.

Is there still a co-op raid (I have not gotten the update yet)?

its no mistake there was a crate for the new hero that people bought and that got pulled because it was “glitched” and a new promo was launched for $30 to get said hero hhg is feeding on your egos to have the new hero grats to all who bought into it smh

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What type of crate though that I am confused
The pvp or the starter?

Due to a very brief error, some players were able to begin purchasing Tiers of the PvP Crate featuring Kaishi. This Crate was not intended to be available for purchase at this time.

Rest assured, if you purchased Tiers for this Crate, your Tier progress will be retained when the Crate goes live at a later date. Additionally, if you received a sync error, your progress was rolled back and no gold was taken for the purchase, so you’re not missing any rewards or progress.

Keep an eye out for the PvP Crate featuring Kaishi to appear in the Store at a later date!


Still no kaishi crate and the promo to buy him has expired. And why only a PvP crate featuring him? Every hero has had their own featured crate outside of any event crate?

Can anybody tell me what date did Kaishi exist in Hero Hunters?
Because for some reason a person already have Kaishi but I don’t see the Kaishi crate

kaishi was available for purchase wen the update initially rolled out. also he is available from co ops now so its no wonder some ppl already own him

I have had him for a week dude, since the last update.