Moss’s platinum, did it change?

I thought it was 10%, am I going crazy?

Yeh, I also believe it used to be 10%

I don’t remember the “cannot activate more than once per second part”, but I changed my game language recently, so it could just be missing in spanish, or I could be remembering incorrectly

Definitely stealth changes, check how much better gale’s plat is now, healing under 80% instead of 30%

I get it, a bunch of plat skills were unbalanced. Either too bad or too good. And they are adding them for the first time, so it’s not like these changes REALLY affected us, but stealth changes suck :confused:

Heavy Cavalry (Galante) went up from 10% to 30%, aswell

I think some needed to be changed just because of how they were stated to work, like moss’s plat is for everyone. Could potentially be impossible to do any damage when paired with some high crit modifiers as they could be drifting multiple times each second, triggering his effect.

Gales is the opposite where hers was basically useless because it would never really work at 30% chase most of the time you are just focusing low health targets anyways. Now it forces the other person to continue to focus the hero they started on.

Probably going to be some more changes in the future once we see how each works.

Nightingale not healing while under damage make her useless unless paired with invisibility, imo (and you can still get damaged)

I would have agreed, especially at that horrible 30%. However its possible that it is good enough now. The scaling on the plat seems very weak based off the players how have her plat already.