Keep on desynchronizing

Guys, everytime i accomplished or using win ticket on normal and hard missions 2-4 times, i get desynchronizing. My internet connection is ok and stable. The game keep on restarting. This happened to me after the update. I send a ticket to the support but replied me as due to my internet speed connection but actually my internet connection is fine. When i play on coop raids, everything is normal and fast. Does this only happened to me? Need help guys on what to do.


I don’t know if this helps but people were experiencing issues in PVP also I had a match where it was a black screen showing connecting to match and I joined 30 secs later and half my heroes were dead. like really?

i hope someone of the devs will reach out for this. until now, i still keep on getting desynchronized even though im in a fast internet connection. even in malls, there internet speed is fast but why am i still get desychronized???

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