🥊 Klayton Rework Concept

I’ve been thinking a lot about Hero Hunter’s shunned and least popular hero, and have always wished he filled a better role than the one he did now. By many accounts, Klayton just doesn’t do enough to justify his stay on a team. So, in wanting to make him a better brawler, I took a stab at his character to give him a do-over:

BronzeGet Out – Throws a shattering bottle at a targeted enemy, inflicting them with [Weaken]. [Weaken] deals x elemental damage per second, and reduces Damage they deal by 35% for 7 seconds.

SilverCruisin’ For a Bruisin’ – Challenges the enemy to a grand brawl, taunting the enemy team and gaining medium x health per second for 20 seconds.
If an enemy damages this Hero, this Hero has a 25% chance to counterattack, dealing low x damage and stunning them for 4 seconds.

GoldSeeing Red – Whenever this Hero stuns an enemy, he recovers x Health and increases his Fire Rate and Reload Speed by 50% for 5 seconds.
Whenever [Cruisin’ For a Bruisin’] is active, 10% of all damage is reflected back onto the attacker who dealt it.

PlatinumBulk Up – Whenever this Hero counterattacks an enemy with [Crusin’ for a Bruisin’], he gains a charge of [Bulk Up].
Each charge of [Bulk Up] improves this Hero’s Health by x, to a maximum of 10 charges.

Ruby - Tanked Up

(To adapt to the Bronze and Silver skills, the healing of the Gold and Platinum would be reduced slightly to compensate)

In a nutshell, it would actually be cool if Klayton used Taunting as his primary weapon, keeping the enemy focused on him as his allies get to work. He wouldn’t necessarily gain a damage boost, because that really isn’t his role as a tank. But perhaps this might give him more utility and appeal within the game.



Klayton is basically a hero with other abilities from other heroes. He has no uniqueness. For him to have even a chance in the game, we need to redirect his playstyle instead.

What I try suggesting is that from a bruiser we make him an actual DPS. He is classified as tank but he doesn’t fulfill his role.

Or we can make him an actual bouncer, who distracts one enemy away from the teamfight to focus on him instead. Having them all focus on Klay will just kill him faster and he doesn’t come with an ability that makes him tankier while using the new silver.

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Perhaps his Silver can be the crux of his abilities. As he taunts, he gains health. The more he stuns, the faster his gun is fired, which in turn charges his bronze. His bronze can then be used against an enemy to reduce the damage they deal to him in turn, creating a loop of sorts.

There are plenty of Mech DPS heroes which can do better work at dismantling the enemy. Just having a hero that just keeps getting beefier by the minute seems a bit unnerving imo.

We can make his silver into something that boosts his overall standing in the match. This can go in two ways:

  1. DPS style, we have him taunt and the more enemies/damage he takes, the more damage he deals and some sort of bonus effect on it.
  2. Tank, which we could have him gain bonus armor/elemental armor per enemy shooting at him. This could apply to deployables too.

I like the idea of 2, and him just getting beefier by the minute.

It should also be noted that the silver stuns more often, which boosts his health even more through his gold and plat. The medium healing per second plus this boost could very likely keep him in the fight.


When I think why Klayton is so neglected in game, the reasons I can come up with is (based on current Klayton):

  1. No utility/utility that serves as a minor issue to the enemy team.
  2. Not fulfilling his role as tank because even with his passives, he still does not survive long enough to do much.

From here we could try to tackle this and see that what we can improve on Klayton.

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Yes, Mr. Muninn

Good effort, though! I appreciate the thought that went into the rework. But prescriptive advice isn’t as useful as your general thoughts around why you feel Klayton doesn’t measure up.

So can we continue this thread as long as it is not just prescriptive advice?

And I will agree with Spyro, Klayton’s silver (and his skills in general), feel like a carbon copy of Shank, and don’t add any utility to any team setup. He doesn’t taunt-heal long enough, nor does he do enough damage.

Because of these two things he is, unfortunately, a notable disappointment.

(I want him to ѕ¢αяє me. Right now, he’s a laughing stock.)

I mean, you can continue it with prescriptive advice, if you like. It’s fun to theorycraft! I’m just saying that you’re more likely to have your feedback passed on and considered if you don’t use prescriptive feedback.

Thank you for your explanation Muninn. Appreciate it.

Based on reasons I mentioned above, I think these changes could be added to make him lean into the “support bruiser” category:
(For these abilities to work, I am changing his weapon into a large cannon, similar to Oro)

  1. His base armor could have a slight touch on. It doesn’t matter how much health he can have, DPS heroes can just melt him as easily as a Gorgon without his outer shell.
  2. Abilities that I think can really help him out:
  • Bronze - Kinetic Blast - Charges his next shot with a burst of energy, increasing his next damage shot by a medium amount and dealing an AoE burst. Enemies caught will be (insert debuff).
  • Silver - Cruisin for a Bruisin’ - Taunts enemy for 5 seconds, gaining x armor per second and for every enemy attacking, gain x elemental armor and gain a 25% chance to stun the enemy for 4 seconds.

Other abilities I am in the process of thinking

Klayton real useless now – he worse hero even in that simple thing like base shooting. Hi is a tank. His place on front line. Near with other tanks and covers. Litterally. But with his accuracy he miss even when shoot to cover from few steps to him. Cover! This is ridiculous.

And yes. Even when I create working combo for him. I MUST piloting other hero for win, lol.

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I agree, having him constantly soak and soak will make him better

When I use Klayton, I want to feel like I’m a boss. Like I’m actually doing something, being disruptive and what not. But when I’m shooting with Klayton and his shots are so inaccurate to the point where they go around my enemy? It’s the worst feeling in the world.

I wish his gun would have tighter shots. Then at least, I would feel like I’m doing something with Klayton. Until then, I feel he is just a waste of space.

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C’mon bro. We’ve got this new boy as a meme. Goldlante has already suffered a lot to become again the HH meme.

His lack of aim actually does help in one specific scenario… coverbreaking in subway. He’s destroys two pieces of cover at once because his bullet spread is so ridiculous.

Hahaha! This should even be a thing! He’s a friggin meme at this point…can’t even burst with him, it’s just as inaccurate. Sigh

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