Klayton's effectiveness after June rework

Since Klayton got adjusted last month, I wanted to see if people’s opinions changed about him. I started tinkering with him and he doesn’t seem like the absolute worst anymore. He’s just a taunting disrupter with a little lean toward damage. I could use him as a backup taunter.

I think its great to have these buffs, but i’d honestly prefer any other tank as for example dradnought, he tanks effectively, does not need a CRAPTON of healing and he deals damage, callidus has great healblocks, and if i really wanted stuns i’d still choose shank over him

Personally he’s more fun to play with as he has more of a chance to stun enemies. He seems to be a good addition to Shivs + Shank as he diverts attention away and can help Shank stun the enemy team. I’m still trying to find a solid team with him though :woozy_face:

Try using him with hero’s who speed up reloads for their teams, he’s already got a significant boost to his first rate and reload. So maybe with Duran and surge you could get him to reload in under a second with an obscene fire rate, thus boosting his damage tremendously.

Klayton is still beast and his best beast job is alliance patrolling :slightly_smiling_face:…only

Have a great day


Come on bro. He can be really useful in war

Patrols, War. That’s it. Like before his “buff”.