KLG Black Ops Healer/Medic Hero

I think that the faction of KLG Black Ops needs a hero that could heal the other members fast. Caine is a great booster, but a healer like Heimlock or Ifrit with a Black Op style will be great.


An idea for a Healer Hero that can be in the Black Ops faction.

Yamabushi = A healer of the mountains in Japan. The people believed that they possessed healing powers. They were great fighters too, fighting alongside ninjas or samurais.


image http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-4YdTVdOMpTM/T-UWM9cYaNI/AAAAAAAACQ0/DfrGtMh2l6A/s

These are some examples of the Yamabushi outfits. They will be very cool.

image image

The whole idea and feel of a “black ops” unit is that its a stealthy unit thats meant to do a whole lot of damage, even at the cost of employing questionable tactics. Though there are some ideas that could loosely fit this, it would overall not work very well. Plus the faction already had their month and it may be a while before they get their next swing at a new hero.

I understand. But I think it’s a good idea, and maybe he can be in other faction. He can have some modifications to fit with the game as well, like guns.

It is certainly good idea. Black Ops teams do have medics you know. They are also similarly trained and trained in combat medical fields.

These are some more ideas.



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