I created a more "defined" list of Hero roles

More of a continuation of a list I made in a previous topic of mine. I feel as though having simple, broad roles like “damage,” “healer,” or “shield” simply isn’t enough for me. The list won’t be in any particular order of value. For some of the example Heroes, I mostly based them off of their Bronze and Silver skills, with the Gold and Platinum skills being attributed as “minor” skills. You may find that some Heroes are placed in two or more roles.

Group Healers: these Heroes specialize in healing their allies through Heal-over-time or Burst healing. Their healing is typically lower than Single Target healers of the same level and rank.

  • Matador
  • Heimlock
  • Nightingale (Combat Medic Skin)
  • Gammond

Single Target Healers: these Heroes specialize in healing a single ally. While their healing only affects one ally at a time, their Burst Heal and/or Healing rate is typically greater compared to Group Healers of the same level and rank.

  • Operator
  • Ifrit
  • Nightingale (Default Skin)

Survivalists: these Heroes specialize in providing the necessary buffs to keep their allies and/or themselves in the fight. While some usually use a bit of Healing for survival, most of their survival ability comes from other means.

  • Mandrake
  • Caine
  • Ronin

Debuffers: these Heroes specialize in causing negative effects towards their enemies. Some of these Heroes trade their ability to survive in order to cause as many debilitating effects as possible.

  • Mauler
  • Kunoichi
  • Surge
  • Beck
  • Colonel Wesson

Buffers: these Heroes specialize in granting positive effects for their allies and/or themselves. They can be seen as the opposite of debuffers but their ability to survive is mostly identical.

  • Razorback
  • Françoise
  • Caine

Burst Damage: these Heroes specialize in destroying the enemy in as few seconds as possible, sometimes instantly. They usually begin a mission somewhat weaker than their allies but, if left alone, can quickly become one of the highest damage dealers in a squad.

  • Dogface
  • Prophet
  • Bolt
  • Panzer

Area Deniers: these Heroes specialize in creating “the-floor-is-lava” situations across the enemy battlements. They are incredibly dangerous on maps with little cover to move between, however lose effectiveness on larger maps where enemies have access to many pieces of cover.

  • Maven
  • Scum
  • Salvatore
  • Odachi

Charged Blasters: these Heroes specialize in eliminating the enemy in as little as a single shot or volley. They are very similar to Burst Damage Heroes in terms of near instantaneous damage, however they instead may require a second or two to prepare their deadly attack.

  • Sentry
  • Ryker
  • Halloway
  • Kunoichi
  • Hardscope

Drone Controllers: these Heroes utilize automated weaponry to assist them in a mission. They may require a few seconds of preparation and protection, however once they have all “moved that gear up” they can quickly become a nuisance in the battlefield.

  • Hardscope
  • Castellan
  • Halloway

Cover Breaker: these Heroes specialize in breaking the cover and exposing their enemies. These Heroes can be exceptional for allies that require exposed enemies to be useful. A few of these Heroes become more powerful as more of the enemy side is exposed.

  • Cinder
  • Baron
  • Fortress

Shield Generator: these Heroes specialize in providing their allies or themselves with protective shields and can sometimes punish enemies who break them.

  • Vanguard
  • Butter
  • Halo
  • Razorback

Utility: these Heroes are versatile and are useful for filling in empty roles. Unfortunately, these Heroes are often lackluster in the versatility and should be swapped out as soon as a Hero that can actually fill the empty role is acquired.

  • Steele
  • Rifleman

Of course, disagree, agree, etc. You can change up this list, add more, or delete whoever. These were the ones that I could think of when looking through the list of Heroes and I am certain there are many, many more roles that can be defined.


At first glance Keel is a single target heal (bronze skill)

Thanks for putting the time into creating this list.

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We’ve mentioned some of our internal definitions for Hero Roles in the last Role Warfare Update.

There are more roles to be discussed in later updates after significant improvements have been made to accomodate them; such as Setters and Buffer/Debuffers.

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Ooh, I’ve seen some of them. The title should’ve been more specific: “my own defined roles for the Heroes.” I just wish that the Heroes would be reworked to have a more truly defined role.

Like Beck: what role does she take? Is she a Debuffer or is she a DPS?

I would say that you should include the mainline attackers as mentioned by the devs, the constant dps output which should be form a good portion of the roster.

I would remove Odachi from area denial and move him to burst damage, as his supposed role is. Ghoul can be placed into area denial instead.

Razorback is definitely not a buffer, he’s kinda hard to classify using your system but survivalist is appropriate.

I think it would be good to expand debuffers to most CC-heavy heroes, including stagger-inducing heroes.

Steele and rifleman easily fits into debuffers due to their ample CC, both their bronze and silver are lengthy debuff/ consistent staggers.

I would put Savage into Cover Breakers and Debuffers as well.