Kunochi Bronze Is Broken

I believe kuno is bugged. Her bronze states that whenever all 3 knives hit opponent is stunned for 8 secs… there are times during pvp when all 3 knives hit & no stun occurs. Can you devs please look into this.


Kunoichi seems bugged and confusing to use to stun an opponent.

Kunoichi can succesfully stun an opponent trying to run after when the first knife hits, and stun sometimes fails when the opponent staggers or crouchng, something like that. It’s hard to try to make best use of her bronze skill with the glitches.

Yes I’ve noticed when they are staggered or hit knives won’t stun. That’s bs tho. Devs please fix her for next update

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The most that I’ve seen this and been using her a good bit lately is when I’m throwing knives at a shielded opponent. Never seems to stun them when there is any shield on them. I’ve no knives hit while they run and have all three hit when they run. Seems like a crap shoot if they will work or not. And not sure if they are supposed to stun a shielded opponent or not there is nothing in the description about it. From what I see she needs looked at.

I don’t think it’s supposed to work when she hits a shielded opponent, since they aren’t “hit.” The shield absorbs the hit.

I don’t know about the bug issues, but I CAN tell you that if you are hit with all 3 knives, you WILL be stunned. Shields have nothing to do with it. Skills that cleanse negative effects (like Heimlock’s “Sterilize”) can get rid of it early, however.

Since I posted earlier I did notice that even an unshielded opponent would not get stunned all three knives hit the opponent and no stun. This is only once in awhile tho but i did notice it.

Don’t use her bronze on lifted targets, the knives don’t seem to even land on the targets that are lifted.

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Something else that I think might be happening: you may be seeing the knives “land” and you may see an explosion effect, but they don’t actually hit the enemy.

So answer me this: did you see damage numbers from the knives? (They would be in white and they would be the same number.)