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I would like to leave a suggestion here so as to raise the level as the skills…

should have an option to go straight up to maximum level example a level 96 squeezing each skill to 96 is complicated and time consuming … the same thing when taking out a new hero to level up to the maximum level you have to go there and press 96 times to get up it gets tired and delay could include an option to level up to the maximum and so I would go straight I could even have this with respect to the stars I recently got serial I had to level the stars one by one up to a maximum of 10 even though I have the 2040 fragments and money for that but I had to go up each level individually even applying the 2040 fragments so my tip is to put a way to go straight and logically having the resources


For leveling up skill’s lvl… Ha, I’ll include this in my Lazy’s Policies!!!

Not confirmed 4 rest of the points :slight_smile:

There should be an option to just hold down on the [+] button and it levels up, pressing every time does suck. Needs a hold down option like you can do with elemental and universal fragments

so more it would be very practical example I took the serial yesterday I already had everything to make it full ruby ​​but I had to do one thing at a time regarding the skills and level and then the pieces if I had the option example maximum level was just to lose and I was already going straight skills same thing would go to maximum with just a squeeze understand it is not a matter of laziness but yes practicality I have other games that have this type of option to go up one by one or go straight to the maximum with just a touch it would be very practical

so if it were the same thing with fragments, hold and go straight would be great

my Alliance is not big in strength but we always get platinum 1 or 2 in the box but that would be good too

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