Press & Hold to add Hero XP

In Press & Hold to add Hero XP.

  1. Instead of XP adding up in “constant speed”, please introduce “acceleration” proportional to the time you press & hold that button?

  2. If it is too much work, perhaps in leveling up your hero, please spend the “Green XP” first then Bronze then silver then lastly Gold.


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My game starts to stutter like crazy as I hold to add xp for some reason, i have to do it in spurts just to make sure I’m adding the right amount lol

It would be nice if we could just, maybe, type the level we want to get up to and it would auto add that amount…

Just hit the “Level Up” button. It adds exactly enough XP to get you to the next level. When I get a new hero, I just toss a few of the biggest XP’s at them to jump up to level 50 or so, then I just keep pressing Level Up until I’m at 85.


Oh… there is a level up button?!

Just kidding. :wink:

I would love the “Level Up” button to spend the green first then bronze… Then I gonna have a clearer picture of the inventory.

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