Auto Star placement

I’m not sure if anybody ever thought of this or not but there should be an automatic level up button because it’s annoying tryna upgrade hero stars having to randomly tap my screen or having to keep count and do math about how many times i need to tap the phone. I love this game but i just think that would improve gameplay. Thank you if you consider it.

U mean upgrading stars?

Just press and hold that (+) button, and see the frags going up… It will be stopped automatically if it reach the requirement for the next stars… (it will be stopped if u reach 165 / 360 / 600/ 1080 frags)

So, u don’t have to tap or count it…

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He is taking about levels. Level 1 level 2 … Level 100.

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Lol… My bad… I just distracted more to his thread title… ‘auto star’…


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Muninn said once that if you they did have an auto button it would cause the server to crash, because everytime you hit level up it pings the server

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What if I do it when I’m offline.

@TrialZee @Lokesh_Biswas No no, there’s actually some confusion here.
@KoolaySmoov I think you’re confusing stars and levels. First, let’s get some terminology out of the way:

  • Adding stars to a Hero is called “evolving” a Hero. When you add fragments, you have to hold down a button for a while. You could tap, but it’d take a lot longer.
  • Each Hero has their own level, which is called “Hero Level”. You use Hero XP to level them up. You can either tap the “Level Up” button a lot, or tap on the Hero XP itself, which usually takes longer. Hero Levels can only go as high as your Team Level.
  • Team Level is the level of your account itself. You get Team XP from Daily Quests and campaign missions.
  • Lastly (not really relevant to the conversation, but I might as well throw it in while I’m at it), words like bronze, silver, and gold refer to a Hero’s Grade, and increasing that Grade is called “promoting” a Hero.

It looks like you were talking about adding stars, but you mixed it up with Hero Level. I’ll address both.

Adding fragments to a Hero can take a while, especially if you’re adding the 9th or 10th star (600 and 1,080 fragments respectively), and ESPECIALLY when your tendency is to horde everything, even when you know you’re gonna evolve this Hero ASAP. I think having a way to type in how many fragments you want to add, or a button that automatically takes your Hero to the next star (but not before confirming how many fragments you’ll need) would be helpful, instead of holding down a button for a long time.

As for leveling up a Hero, I actually had a topic talking about how it would freeze a bit, and moreso if you pressed it multiple times. Muninn explained why it does that (this may have been what @tollboothkyle was referring to). I believe the system we have is good.


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