Oro, scum, and Fischer

Since the watch and the shoremens are boosted this month, I was wondering if thouse 3 heros are worth upgrading since I have ignored them for a long time I would like to know any modes they are good in as well as team comps.

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Fischer is the king of bounty… and hes pretty good for pvp if well supported. He is very worth the upgrade since his bronze skill can take a bounty down crazy fast…just for an exampleAnyConv.com__20200426_102823_edited :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


All of them are good, just be patient and level them up.


Fischer is great for bounty, Scum can also stack a lot of damage. Oro is meh in pvp since he is very disruptive but usually dies easily. Scum also has unavoidable skills and constantly heals himself, so quite okay in pvp. Fischer in PvP is decent, he lasts quite a while because he can go invisible when attacked which increases his damage.

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Fischer king of the king or bounty…