Hero question, is he any good?

I bought the first 2 teirs of the colonel wesson crate hoping to get him but instead got

Is he worth leveling up?

Most people say he sucks. I find his silver to be quite strong, even more with the way AI works. In certain maps, like sewers or atrium, you can use it on the frontline heroes, and they will just change from cover to cover to avoid the trap, while not really avoiding it (since it has a huge range once activated).

The problem with Fischer is that his bronze is weaker the stronger he is. His bronze barely does any damage unless it does the 25% max HP damage, but since its based on your current health vs enemy max health, the more health you have, the harder is for this condition to be achieved.

When my Fischer was just bronze, he performed in PvP way better than now that he is gold. (Exactly the same problem that Razorback has. The stronger his shield is, the harder is for enemies to destroy it)

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Thanks for the feedback :slight_smile: