Let's Work Together on the Pumpkin Hunt!

I’m absolutely terrible at scavenger hunt type events in any game. This is a god-send. Thank you, Porg-Obsessed player!

I cannot find the 1-2 rare pumpkin. I don’t seen that building anywhere on the map. :frowning:

I found 2 in gorgon and one in dojo, someone could tell if there are more.

There is a legendary at 1-4 normal blow up the taxi and it will be in the driver seat

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I for some reason can’t post to the shared google doc so hopefully someone can insert these in to the official post.

Gorgon Wakes, there are 3 - missing one screenshot

Dojo - there are 3

Hey Nham, In case you’re locking the sheets please do grant me access, I am helping you for formatting the docs :slight_smile:

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The sheets should be open to edit for everyone with a link. Thanks for your help though! I really appreciate it.

I can view the document, but edit doesn’t work. I have Google docs… Also I found this after, so no screen shots. #7 is normal 3-1. #8 is normal 3-3.

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Yeah, there are so many people and so much support that the doc is starting to lag! If you want to post your findings you can always comment them and someone will add them for you!

Keep up the good work everyone!

-Pumpkin #51 pvp subway in middle ceiling rafter

-Pumpkin #52 pvp atrium on left side on top of boxes middle floor

-Pumpkin #53 pvp sewer in sewer grate to left use frontline hero best view

-Pumpkin #54 pvp shipyard in the tires middle floor on right back line hero required

-Pumpkin #55 pvp terminal in the hall to the left front line required


-pumpkin #61 normal stage 1-2 above red flag on left silver pumpkin sitting on top of cannon barrel

-pumpkin #62 normal stage 1-5 left side of middle cannon back line hero required

Pumpkin #63 normal stage 2-5 back line hero wave one required, behind right leg of broken mech hard to see

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@Nham Can you specially grant me a permission on the doc that may let me edit the doc? Currently I can’t edit the doc. I’ve messaged you my email in the forum.

Just use the link, you should be able to edit. I don’t want people tempering with the actual document and its state, it’s happened once or twice before.

(Gorgon Wakes)In 2nd wave peek in leftside platform where the allies team was standing in wave1.

@dinesh Already mentioned in the docs :slight_smile:

3-1 Normal is pumpkin 7

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Well. I haven’t read anything from your so-called docs. Its good thing you are doing hardwork but you can’t call it DUPLICATE post. I hope you will mind your words next time.

Thanks it’s already in the docs.

Campaign 3-5 hard one common one legendary

common wave 1

Legendary wave 2

#94 [Legendary]: 3-5 Hard Mode, Wave 2, behind middle overpass barrier

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