Level 2-10 input drops

On Level 2-10 on normal, I keep coming across this mishap of dropping inputs that maybe the devs can look into. I did think it was my tablet at first but I’ve had it only two months and this only happens in one specific area of 2-10.

So in 2-10, after you beat the first wave of enemies and Dogface shows up, there are spikes where the game won’t pick up that I’m trying to aim but the reticle doesn’t move. After a second or two it works again and I usually get one more spike like that before I proceed into the building to fight Dog face again. The first and last area play fine it’s just that second one that I always notice it. Not a real big issue but just thought I’d bring it to someone’s attention.

I just tried it a few times. It seems that the device plays a part in how long the delay is. Thanks for the heads up. I’ll write up a bug report.