Level Up button causes hard lag

Pressing the “Level Up” button makes the game seem to freeze for a second, and pressing it multiple times makes it worse. It’s so unnatural and I hope it can be fixed at some point to make it run more smoothly.


I like counting how many times I tap it and hope that I got the right number


Yea it is annoying and I overshoot my target level cuz of that. But I now adjust to number my numbers of tap. A fix would be nice.

Edit: on iPad Pro , graphic option: Normal.


Same here, it’s so annoying

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Yes! That is correct. For me that also applies to crafting multiple gear and the equip all button. Although I think it could all be solved by getting a better phone :stuck_out_tongue:


Happened to me a lot.

that’s true always when i start leveling up heros which having less level its get stuck on place and i need to restart the game.

OnePlus 7, you really think the problem is from the phone?

Every time you level up, the game has to count the XP items you’re using, add those to the UI, and change about 20+ values in your team data. That happens each time you tap the button. So doing mass level ups involves sending that giant mess of data to the server. It can take a few seconds, but as you’re not doing it more than once or twice a day, it shouldn’t be that big of an issue.


I gotta agree with Muninnnniinnin here. As long as leveling up does not crash-to-home-screen, I’m fine with it. Spamming the level up button a few hundred times to immediately get a Hero to max level is worth waiting the 40-50 second lag.

Not that big of an issue, to be honest… but reduction to any sort of lag would be welcome if the devs were to find a fix for it.


The game contacts the server to check in those values in the 20+ places I mentioned. The only way to reduce that is to either batch them to run in the background, or not call the server. That exposes so many potential exploits that I’m going to go lay down for a bit after thinking about it.


Thanks for the response. I didn’t know it contacts the server, but I suppose it makes sense. I thought it was just some internal calculation that could be done more quickly. I agree it’s not a huge issue either, like @Lurking_Garbage said.

What about making a future update so rather than tapping a hundred times to level up a new character, you can select what level to go-to, then it does all those calculations still, but at least you aren’t wasting time tapping and tapping.

I agree the lag is annoying… Spamming the level up button I can understand some lag. But there is lag and crashes for me whether I push it one at a time, or equip gear.

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