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Not sure about other players, but after unlocking over 20 characters, leveling up each one individually can be such a tedious chore. Ever consider a LEVEL UP ALL option? Or a way to pick the one’s you want to level up and do those all at once? I’m sure others agree, so wondering if this could be taken into consideration.


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it will make the computer do more math and you might end up with less hero exp than you want

If you know you have enough to do so, why not have a choice to do it?

very interesting
if you want a pop up every now and then

There is a process with every level up you do, there is your items which you could not have enough of or if you only have 1k or 5k experiences. This could bug up your device since you commanded it to do a big task, thus meaning possible crashes or the command simply not going through. So I suggest get used to doing it individually

I play on my phone, so it doesn’t cause any crashes. It seems I always have enough to level up the entire team without worrying about having enough Experience. Maybe it’s different when playing on the phone, cause it really wouldn’t cause issues with gameplay. It’s just the repetitive motions that I’m trying to avoid.

I’ve never played on a computer, only on phone. Doesn’t seem like it would cause any calculation issues.

You can play HH on pc? That’s new

I like that idea, and it shouldn’t be that hard to implement.

Fun fact: not too long ago, we didn’t even have a “Level Up” button.

Oh, it’s not that new, use an Android emulator (MEmu, Nox, Andy …) and you can play HH on the computer.

To the actual topic, I have 67 heroes, and I’m frankly also always a little annoying to click on all heroes individually to perform the lvl up. I have more than enough XP to level all heroes at once


We don’t recommend playing on anything but official hardware. If you play on an emulator of any kind, your account may face penalties, and we’re not able to provide any tech support whatsoever.

Fair warning, in case anyone is thinking of taking the plunge.


So, anything thought on adding a Level Up All option? Just wondering cause I doubt it if I’m the only one that has thought about it.

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