The Meta is the same since half a year ago

Don’t matter what or if a new hero comes (actually, since half a year ago, always the new heroes come broken so, they get added to this “broken” meta) but it’s gettin boring PVP.

Chose from this list and you will have all the heroes in the current meta:

Dogface with skin
Nightingale with epic skin
Kobold and of course the new broken hero

We’ve got about 70 heroes and you see always the same combinations on PVP.

And the last months it’s been pretty hard 'cause as all the Free2Play (or Pay2win in this case) if u don’t have the “new update hero” you’re out. You’ve got no chances versus anyone who has the new hero, even when this one has been in the game only for 1 day.

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I don’t understand.

How any of those heroes broken?

Where is Wesson? Min? Anvil? Are these the 50% of all new heroes that aren’t broken hence makes your argument invalid?

What kind of PVP do you play where Jarek and Kaishi are meta heroes?

Do you never see the Halo / Mauler teams in your PVP galaxy? Never faced Ronin?

Sure Panzer and Ifrit were over powered when they launched but hey have since then gone through several rebalances.


Disagree on so many counts!

Half a year ago was July 2018.

(1) Panzer was released then, and weren’t there all these people complaining how Nightingale and Flatline were wiped from the meta because of Panzer? Wasn’t the meta then Panzer Mandrake Heimlock Caine and another healer?

(2) Is Panzer the meta now? I must have missed something.

(3) Is Dogface the meta now? Was it meta in July 2018? I must hav missed something again.

(4) How could Ifrit, Kaishi, Kobold and Jarek been part of the meta in July 2018 when they were not even released yet? Even now, are Kaishi, Kobold and Jarek meta?

(5) Some glaring missing names from your meta listing… Ulfpam mentioned some I will leave it to the rest to get you up to speed.

In reply please see this thread, where the poster’s feedback is that people who are NOT playing with event heroes have an advantage!

I feel like I have been playing a totally different game from you. Could you be more specific about why your experience is that 1- the meta is the same from July 2018, and 2- why you think newly released Jarek is overpowered such that “you’ve got no chances versus anyone who has the new hero” because this is very different from my experience.

20 characters! How did you…


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he haxx0r

Aside from what was already said by @ULFPAM and @Sing.

1- Most of the heroes you mentionned, while quite good, are not part of the current meta.
2- If you look at top rank for an event where the faction heroes are favore, it is only normal for said heroes to be heavily present as they have quite a point advantage
3- While in the event, I’m getting a lot more win from meta team over featured faction team. I will use feature faction heroes to get me a bit more points. But i will use meta team to rake in the wins and go ressource farming.

4- It is possible to acquire the newest hero at low/no cost. Either lurking in general/vip chat and use reset on coop.

Easy :stuck_out_tongue: ‍‍‍‍

May I ask what power level you’re playing PvP at? The meta has changed drastically several times in the time frame to which you’re referring. The fact that you’re including Dogface/Panzer/Gale says plenty, especially considering you haven’t included Mauler/Halo.

The meta is nothing like what it was six months ago and the amount of misinformation here is staggering…

My main PvP team with Dogface and Nightingale survived all metas since June or so and is still doing as good as good as ever :sweat_smile:

But overall you are all right. The meta changed several times. From Halo/Baron/Cinder, towards Panzer/Dogface/Gale. The revive fiasco with Irfit and Flatline and now Mauler/Halo/Caine.

that’s exactly what I’m tryin to know. Kaishi? Meta? :face_with_monocle:

kaishi has never been meta. But i<m guessing the guy was just looking at top teams for the last month where kaishi was used because of the bonus points + unlimited lives

I don’t think this guy plays at plat, since he omitted the dominant plat metas of Mauler/Halo and Ronin Honorbound.

You can’t go 10 games in Champion bracket without encountering any of these combos, I am pretty sure!

It also seems like the OP hasn’t really clarified the numerous questions that the community have thrown at him, so perhaps this thread should just be disregarded until he does.


The meta is back in a good place. They are multiple teams that are capable of having a high WR right now. It feels just like the times I started playing, during the blessed period between old Halo nerf and Panzer release where PVP was fun.

Let’s look at the offenders:

Old Halo - powerful at a dominant level; nerfed
Panzer - wipes a team in <30 seconds; nerfed to low-mid viable
Flatline/Ifrit - dominant but beatable with other comps; Ifrit nerfed sufficiently
Dog - was top DPS by magnitudes; slight nerf, no longer a neccessity in PVP
Night with skin - heals for 80% of the entire opposing team’s damage, seriously wtf; gladly nerfed

And in addition to a whole lot of underused heroes that were buffed to acceptable levels through Role Warfare.

The meta is in a healthy spot right now. The mauler/halo combo trending right now is not dominant, and is easily beatable with good team compositions. When heroes were busted I asked for nerfs myself, even on heroes I invested much on. But right now, I can assure you that the PVP meta is healthy and stable. All you need to do is to revise your team setups, remove trash heroes (there are fewer of them now) and you would do decently.