Loadout Stats Suggestion

Right now when you are in the loadout screen. If you hold down on a character you can see some basic info or hit the upgrade button. I would like to see the Info screen with an added “Upgrade” button so we can see the damage and defense info for each character. I know most people will say “you already have all your hero info memorized.” Well, I don’t and during a Bounty Event I like to examine some different info when I am selecting different matchups. Especially when you are grinding and down to heroes you don’t use all that often. You can still get to the screen by hitting the upgrade button and then going to info. An alternative which could be better would be to have the info display as an overlay with the current characters in the loadout and a comparison chart with the hero you held down added to the comparison. I really think some form of comparison screen in the Heroes menu would also be very handy. Just my 2 cents worth for the day. Thanks!

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