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I’m trying to farm parts to build my characters and I noticed that some of my stages never unlock. These are staged that were beaten. It doesn’t matter the if the level is normal or hard. I’ve been trying to build this character and he needs just one part. Unfortunately, only one of eight stages is open and the process is lengthened. Is there a section in the forum that explains things like this or…

Thanks everyone for making this a good assed game.

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Is it a stage you have played or is it something you have yet to do based on the mode (normal, hard, extreme)?

I think you will find some heroes require a certain level to equip some gear for example some heroes need level 60 to equip platinum gear but some do not. You can see easily by clicking on the said gear piece and it will say on the left of your screen the level required in red text if you don’t meet it

Let me rephrase the question. There are stages that I have beaten that become locked after using again. IE. The hard stages with characters have 3 turns to use that stage. After exhausting the the 3 turns,the stage becomes locked. How long does it normally take for one of these stages to become unlocked? I also see that it doesn’t matter if the stage is normal level or hard. These stages become locked, too.
How’s that? I don’t think that I can explain any further. I just can’t find this info, anywhere on or off site. Is there a section in this forum (or any place else) that can explain the basic game play and rules?

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I’ll give you a hint, the stage counter says “Daily“ wins, with a big reset button next to it that says “do you want to reset your “Daily” wins for this level.

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Normal and Hard Mode Campaign have 14 Districts. Each District has 10 Missions (levels). For example, 1-10 is District 1, Mission 10.

In Hard Mode, every odd-numbered Mission and every 10th Mission has Hero fragments along with a limit of three daily wins. You can reset it with gold, or wait until it hits midnight for you.

Normal Mode does NOT have a limit, nor do the remaining even-numbered Hard Mode missions, other than your own stamina and free will.

If you’re seeing normal missions locked after you have beaten them and it’s not due to you running out of stamina, then you should tell Support about it.


Thanks to all for your replies. Destroyer1Dan, I think my problem falls into your category. I will inform the Support crew.

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Is there any chance you could post some screenshots as to what problem you are facing? Maybe I can help explain if it is indeed a bug or feature you’re misunderstanding

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Gale, I shall try, sir. Don’t know how, but I will figure it out. Thanks so much for the assist, sir.

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