Thank you to the developers

Just wanted to say thanks to the developers for the 2pvp. Great way to involve working with a teammate that’s not coop. Obviously understand the bad match ups since its new.
some tournaments in the future will be great and interesting with it!

Just one suggestion would be to not have the “hearts” they have for when they die, not count towards both solo pvp and 2pv2p.



Huge praise is definitely needed for them! It’s helped me bond better with other players and I think it’s helping the community interact and get closer with each other more overall :smiley:


Its been awesome…i get to see if my friends are as good as they say :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I agree with the hearts. The formats are different. There should be 2 separate sets of hearts so we can enjoy both solo pvp and coop pvp as we please. Trying to pick and chose what to play where we want to play them should not be a issue. Other then that. I LOVE the new coop pvp format. Many thanks for revamping a format that we love and got us started with HH in the first place. :slight_smile:


It feels cool to be watched while you show em off your accuracy with Artemis