Make all Non-plus skins available?

Why not?
We have plenty of rare skins that have little benefit and honestly are just for the looks. Do you think they should be purchasable or re-added to the default skin crate?

  • Purchaseable for 500 skin dust
  • Removed from Vault crate
  • Does not effect Plus skins in and out of vault crate


Yeigh or neigh? Would you like to see them added?

  • Yes, I would like to have the option to obtain them
  • No, keep it this way
  • I don’t really care to much,

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certain skins, like Guardian, were part of a charity run HotHead did. If you donated (a certain amount) you could get the Guardian skin and/or the Heimlock skin. So that much would be a slap to the face of the charity and those who donated towards the cause.


Yes especially those skins should not be added, they were special skins and need to stay that way, from Guardian, to Galahad, to Defender, thanks for bringing that up!

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Mythic skins should also be added to skin crates, even if it’s a very low hit %


I don’t know about that, maybe the occasional returning offer,

Only the rare skins associated with the new hero at the time of updates should come out, special skins from certain events shall remain unavailable to be obtained

Exactly as I expressed in a comment above, certain skins like Galahad or Gaurdian or Defender, should remain as special skins to those who own them! The idea here is that just some basic skins like for example; Durans Waste Land skin, something with little stat change, and purely for asthetics,

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