PVP matches poll!


PVP is always one of the main topics not only among you but also within the team! We would like to know - would you prefer if your PvP matches were longer?
Please keep in mind this is referring to the survivability time rather than the PVP match timer.

  • Yes = You will have time to react, think of a counterattack, and turn the game around
  • No = You don’t need that extra time and want to be over with it fast
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Well, the options are 3 willololowi

  1. Buff all heroes health pool and armor stats
  2. Nerf all meta heroes
  3. my favorite add 1 extra minute to the match
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Because I love this game and hope this feedback can help i’m going to give it even if you don’t want it.
My own opinion is longer matches. This has several reasons.

  1. Heroes with longer cooldowns or stacking abilities can thrive more. This overall makes other characters more likely to be picked. And removes the need to cosntantly lower cooldowns and thus taking away that unique aspect of late and early game.
  2. Allows for more interaction, and more tactical play.
  3. Makes it more engaging. Knowing that i’ll win and having a 10 second match where i can barely do anything before my skills charge seems lame.

What seems to be the largest cause for this is that the overal base damages is too high and new heroes have shields and heals that are impossible to chew through without that damage. Thus you create a chain that keeps this going. And thus older heroes fall off because the bar is set higher every time they touch it. You’re never going to get anything close to balance if this keeps being the case. Also, another thing to note which many people will disagree with, meta has to be nerfed. If you think about it the reason pvp is stale and boring is because the meta. Now, meta is normal but what isn’t normal is that here it NEVER changes. Once every second month or so a new one gets added and it’s just one other hero people will build. But there’s absolutely no change in this besides that and i think it is the biggest reason people quit.
Back when i started playing there was meta as well, but what was different is that it switched from heroes and classes every couple months or so because they actually nerfed them to be properly adjusted to the rest.
It kept it fresh and engaging. I understand people get angry when their favorite hero is nerfed but honestly, you’re gonna get that in every game! It’s part of life!


Can you add a 3rd option?

Such as:

Even it’s called PvP, I rather to fight bots instead of a min-maxer/ sandbagger, especially in Co Op PvP…

Honestly idc what’s done with pvp it’s gotten so horrible in the match making status of it that I don’t even play it anymore. I haven’t played conpetively in about two years.


That makes 2 of us. If its not a challege its not worth the time or effort imo. Which is why i hate the meta. Playing a pvp match like a race is not fun at all.


This is exactly my problem. It feels like a race and not like an exciting match. Matching only against meta is repetitive as well. Which is why i personally think meta should shift. Heck, overbuff a hero! Let them shine a month or two and then adjust them! And especially with all the OP stuff, dialing it down can make the experience better. It is about experimenting. I know people don’t like it when they invest in a character and they are nerfed. But I have faves as well who have to get nerfed and that’s just part of the game.
I can name two easy solutions.

  1. Increase pvp match reward if matches take longer.
  2. Add a one in a xx time refund for a character’s materials. Not too often not never. Just all XP, materials, fragments just returned to the player.
    Now there’s only the problem in hero specific frags. In which i’d say either keep them on or just have sympathy and give em lol
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I think it matters by tier. I’m at the plat level and matches are well balanced and interesting. No real need I can see to speed up or slow down. The combos that are supposed to work have “just enough time” to go off and swing the battle.

DPS has to feel like DPS. If it’s too hard to knock heroes down, it’s an invisible buff to healers and support. No one wants to feel like they can’t break shields and threaten the field wherever they point.

I am new here, but it appears like the older heroes are slowly being brought back into the level of power creep to match the new ones. I think this is the right way to attempt a fix.

I’m not at Ruby, but from listening, it’s very expensive and hard to pivot to meet a new Meta. It’s probably a factor in why lineups don’t change very often.

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I understand your vision. But as a long time player I see one little thing that i can’t agree on.
See, yes, old heroes are being brought to a certain level. But with every buff they get more damage ti compensate for the fact that there’s more absurd healing and shielding. So that exact thing is the reason damage is too high.
Now, it just creates an endless cycle. You buff all heroes to what they are now but by 3 months the powercreep is raised and they’ll be useless again because everything goes invincible, gains infinite shields or instantly deleted your team.
In my opinion not the correct way to go.
Rathee, what they used to. A meta that frequently revolved through classes and certain heroes that shine.
Nowadays a hero is every class. They can all be extremely durable, deal extreme damage, provide extreme shields but all together.


You people can’t even get co-op pvp matches right. Try fixing that

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Fix this first


As I understand it, it’s not DECA’s fault. That’s a clear exploit. It’s not fun for the mismatched player, and to be honest, not sure how fun that is for the RUBY player either. Clearly they want to steamroll through no resistance. Is the competition so fierce at RUBY level that this is the only or best way to climb the leaderboard?

There are several options. But prolonging an inevitable loss doesn’t seem much better if the competitors are going to remain unmatched. I would imagine devs are collecting data on how frequent heroes are being used, hopefully unused too? Instead of keeping the top heroes continually at the top and the same meta to be repeated. Lets not forget the other 150+ heroes available and give them proper buffs to give them at tje very least a viable option to be competitive instead of 1 shot or useless. This would make campaign amd coop better as were not constantly choosing the same heroes day in and day out


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