Tapjoy is no longer in game

Where is tapjoy. Just now seeing it’s not where it was. Please don’t tell me it’s gone for good it was the only way for f2p people like me got gold

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Il y a le pvp qui est une bonne source d’or

Yes, I just noticed this as well. I had games that I was currently in the process of working on on to earn gold for HH. First, they disappeared from my incomplete rewards list, then tapjoy disappears altogether. This is unfair as I was close to the reward on some games.

Got this message. So basically every f2p apple player is screwed to get free gold. Android still gets tapjoy. Just not apple

that’s why I prefer android, but I currently use IOS.

Just amazing though over a year tapjoy was fine and now all of a sudden it’s not? It’s nonsense

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I am on Android but I hope they’ll remove Tapjoy for us as well. Such shady marketing techniques shouldn’t be in a game.