Tapjoy refuses to pay out

I think it’s time they drop Tapjoy. I completed an offer recently, showed proof, and Tapjoy still denied my gold payment.
I urge hhg to drop these people as their shady behavior reflects poorly on them, they should protect their players not contribute to the scam

I’ve had the same issue with the postmates one. Just do the game ones

TAPJOY has always been a hit or miss return. It’s not worth it.

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Worth it for me. Only way to get gold being vip 0. But I do agree it’s hit or miss. Reason always best to do free offers. Even though all the other spend money ones I did get my gold

Unfortunately I have iso and the games are not available any longer, but I had issues with some of those too. Tapjoy are just crooks

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Yep it can be a pain at times. But HH can’t do anything about it

I have always found TapJoy to be unreliable and have never got a single gold reward from any of said offers. You will have better luck playing PVP and doing the dailies to get gold, quicker and simpler rather then wasting half an hour doing an offer that won’t get you any gold.