Tap joy is bugged

Every time I do a survey it’s like a different survey just randomly appear and then when I try to refresh my game to see if got the gold,I get nothing
And if I personally hate the fact that you have to pay to complete a offer just to get gold
So it’s like if you rather buy the gold in the game or get scammed and try your best to get “gold” in the tap joy website
I don’t know but it’s my opinion
If this doesn’t happen to you please let me know
Thanks :smiley:

Tapjoy is an associate of Hothead Games, but there is little Hothead can do to regulate tapjoy’s rewarding policy. It would be more effective to write your complaints on a toilet paper roll and send it to tapjoy HQ then post about it here.

But yeah some things on tapjoy dont reward you and are complete scams, but you can request to review the offer saying that you did it and you will have to respond to a few emails and maybe give some proof that you did it, but usually you will get your reward.

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