Mandrake Gold Broken

Having spent 10 levels hearing about what a game-changer Mandrake’s gold is I finally hit 42 and leveled him up, however his passive doesn’t appear to be doing anything…

Characters drop below 30%, don’t go invisible or heal and then die.

Is there something im missing about using it?

Maybe your heroes are being burst down before you can see the effect take place?

“marked” maybe?
or enemy ifrit just do “showtime”?
and if im not wrong drake gold take a bit of time to re-applied if you just go up from 30% to below 30% again

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Thanks guys. A little research showed that Gammond’s “Protect and Serve” was applying taunts to characters which seems to override the invisibility. I never considered conflicts of skills like that.

Yep, taunt provides an equivalent to mark, just that it is applied as a friendly effect (which cannot be cleansed)