Yeager is joining the Hunt (COMING SOON)

A new member is joining the The Watch Faction soon! Welcome… YEAGER, the Guardian Angel! :innocent::butterfly: Want a chance to win Yeager?

Like our post post on Instagram and tag a friend in the comments section! Each extra friend you tag gives you a bonus chance to win Yeager! 3 winners will be announced on Mar 8th!

Instagram Yeager Giveaway:


Exciting! Looks like a smaller guy so I assume he’s not a front row guy, but he’s got a machine gun or cannon, so I assume he’s not in the back row. Do we have a midline support guy coming?

Very nice concept, I like his gun, it’s something else and I really wonder what his skills are.

It’s a male right? It took me a while to notice bucket was female

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Male version of Flatline…? :thinking: :laughing:

The more I see it, I can imagine Galante in human form.


Cool! I get cheesy 70’s sci-fi vibes from him.
I can’t participate in the contest since I don’t use Instagram but that’s not a big deal since I recently won someone else (Jarek). Good luck to all! And, can’t wait to try Yeager out in a week-ish.

Every month new hero. If it continues, I’ll delete this game soon.

It’s been like that since launch. It’s not gonna change.

My opinion is quite the opposite.
A new hero is what I look forward to in each monthly update.
In fact, I miss when they would release 2-3 heroes per month.


I wouldn’t mind something like a voice upgrade for each hero instead of a new hero altogether. Characters like Min, Cinder, and many others would be so much more interesting.

Kinda bummed that I can’t submit another story, but this is fine too. Looks cool!

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Bye! New characters in the game make it interesting. I love it! Keep it up hothead
Forgot to add, is this hero energy? Certainly seems that way but just want to confirm

He looks like the smoothest Lego/Bionicle action figure.

To me, he looks like a combo of the Marvel character Yellow Jacket and the gun like Zarya from Overwatch.

so i got a feeling he will be feeding a shield or focusing fire to take you down.

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He better have a skin that’s named “Yeeter.”

99.96% sure he’s Energy. The make is written in blue, and his gun screams “ENERGY”.

Wait, so we have to tag our friends or here on forums?

Looks like it’s an Instagram thing. Can’t really tag a friend on the forums

Instagram. It says up there.

For some reason this kinda relates to a hero of a past that I had created:

Just saying, don’t judge me.

Let’s see his skill set first.