The last few patches & Matador!?

Over the last month or so I have noticed a change that from what I can read about, I have not noticed in the patch notes in regards to our lovely group healer Matador.

Recently I have changed my use of Matador because his healing ability has also changed with it, against what the description still states.

In short, once his charge up is complete after activation, Matador would heal his team for 10 seconds as described in the ability details, however now it seems to only run for something between 3-5 seconds.

I thought I was crazy so first I made sure to check if his healing icon would register the same (the little squares in matches that tell you the buffs and debuffs on your heroes), and it unfortunately registers to the newer quicker time.

As a secondary I brought it up with my alliance to see if others noticed the change and it isnt just me.

I will apologize now if there is indeed information saying that this was infact a notified change somewhere that I did not get a chance to read, but if not, is this intended for or accidental?

I ask this question because overall I don’t consider Matador a viable healer anymore.

Do you feel the same way?


I hope it’s a bug. As it stands Matador is extremely weak. His damage is garbage and his heal is pathetic. The only thing he has going for him is his hp and armor, but he doesn’t have a normal taunt so that’s not even any good.

Half of his skills are useless (looking at you gold and platinum) because his damage is so low he will never get a kill.


The 10 seconds on Matador heals seems to be a typo. In Spanish it says 3 seconds, which seems closer to the actual duration

He is one the victims of the “rebalancing” that they did. Same with Gammond.

The thing with Matador and Gammond - they have some role as a tank-team healer-near negligible DPS relative to their peers. So by themselves they’re already “balanced.” Matador is tanky but hardly a threat by himself. Gammond has very low elemental defense so you can melt him quick. Gammond is also the first toon with “revives” but his gold hardly triggers in competitive PVP. Why? Because you can kill him quick and he can’t kill others quick by himself (killshot was also nerfed). Gammond is like a paradox. Don’t upgrade his gold. Don’t even farm him right now for pvp.

This cycles of nerfs (yes, multiple nerfs) to Matador and Gammond bothered me alot - they had a niche role and provided some firepower to entry level-F2P players. So now they’re part of the broken ones. I don’t know if it is deliberate for the devs but it really sux. I don’t feel like the devs have some vision or developmental roadmap when they’re balancing toons.

I feel that most healers just don’t heal anymore, if what gtsaiko said is true it would mean that if matador, gammond and heimlock would use the healing skill at the same time, they don’t even get back to full health, that is kinda insane, since they don’t deal damage, and they got a healing role which doesn’t work

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Yeah I agree with ya’ll, matadors damage capabilities are garbage. I’ve got plenty of weaker heros that do way more damage which is crazy hes way overdo for a buffing

My 7* gold Flatline does more damage than my friend’s 7* plat Matador on raids. Makes me kinda sad, since Flatline is probably one of the heroes with the lowest damage (which is fine, given her massive utility)


Yeah it’s pretty ridiculous! :rofl:

Seems logical, a pistol is stronger then a minigun

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