The mightily powerful and still weak matador (yeah its an oxymoron) lol

I don’t know if I’m the only one bothered by this, but I doubt that I am. Matador is way way overdue for buffing, I mean come on even my 5 star baron does more damage than him which is just pathetic and ridiculous.

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While I agree that Matapoor is quite underwhelming I think they are very different characters. Matador is being pushed into a healing role. But his healing isn’t what it should be. If they rework him I suspect he’s not getting more fire-power but more and better support abilities.

Matador, listen this! You must heal up your team mates in a better way! And your shield is amazing - but seriously, you are not strong enough to kill someone hence your shield renders useless. Utilize a new way of deploying your shields and you’re fine.


The only purpose for Matador is to absorb damage while the rest of the team is dealing damage.

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Sounds like he’s a meatbag or something another character spawns, a bit like Hivemind’s drones.

Could be a great skill!
"Releases a Matador, that automatically attacks enemy targets and Taunts the enemy team.
The Matador has 250.000 Health, and deals barely no Damage per second.
Only 1 Matador may be active at once"


I literally laughed out loud at that last part! Lol :rofl:

But seriously I know his role is a healer but I’ve got way way weaker healing heros that do so much more damage its just ridiculous. The only reason he’s even leveled up the way he is, is because in the beginning I didn’t have any other options; now he’s just like a trophy on a shelf collecting dust. :rofl:

The fact that a gold Flatline does more damage than a plat Matador is kinda hilarious.

Matador gold is BRUTAL, but given his low damage, is pretty unlikely it will activate at all. And his plat looks so out of place. Why would I want a tank/healer with only 2% crit to do more damage on crit? Even more when crit damage seems to be always around 150%, regardless of hero or role.

What can his plat skill accomplish, push crit damage to 151%, maybe? Thats laughable with his low damage and crit chance.

I think that changing his plat to something useful could make him more viable. Just like Gammond’s gold.

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I have a feeling that a large group of healers are completely useless since the update, I’m fearing the next update when dps will come to join the team, we’ll probably see how low the healing capability of 70%~ of the healers is.

If you compare some healing skills to a normal shot or burst of a hero, Clyde, odachi, etc it’s kinda useless to heal.

Nightingale for instance heals around 160k~(single target heal 9* plat), while dogface shoots 40k+~ each shot, no skills active.

Matador heals 60k/sec (10 seconds, @GTSaiko you said it’s 3 seconds? 10* plat), while an odachi can kill a matador in 10~ seconds, no skills active

So the increase in damage will probably make 4/6 healer hero’s useful, mandrake, Caine, ifrit and flatline (heimlock doesn’t heal that good anymore but has a nice start boost, same as phalanx no heal but booster)

That’s just not feeling/opinion, feel free to comment on that

they should set up a gambit system similar to final fantasy 12 where you set up your AI for each character … use ability when HP is 40% … priority target certain element…something like that, maybe smarter AI can make a game changer to alleviate these frustrations.

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Some people say PVP is now all about healing and others say healers aren’t good or relevant since the update. I’m all like: confused!

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Reason why I said a big group, you have a new meta with ifrit and flatline, but if you look at the top 200, or every match you fight how much gammonds, matadors, keels etc do you see? That actually have a fighting chance?

0 in my experience, so yeah some healers got a good buff, but a big group is useless, that’s why I fear the dps update will show how low the healing is.

A lot of people say healers are to strong but you can’t really say healers are to strong when half of them gets revived by ifrit or flatline, and panzer just shreds trough the whole opponents team.

The endless revive is more frustrating then some healers imo


Matador is an absolute joke:

It’s pretty sad when a Nightingale that is a full rank lower, and 2 stars below can do almost the same DPS and roughly double the healing as a Matador way above her. Please note Matador was the last to die in this match.

As it stands his damage is abysmal which make his gold and platinum skills nearly useless. He has great health and armor, but can only taunt once every 20 seconds, and that’s IF an ally was below 50% hp. Most people just ignore his tickle then focus him last since he doesn’t do much except take up a spot with cover.

His heal is pretty craptastic, especially if it’s only lasting 3 seconds. That’s 152k heal every 20 seconds from him. To put that in perspective Nightingale can heal 35k instantly, and another 18k over 6 seconds. That’s a net 53k heal every 6 seconds. So basically Matador heals 152k every 20 seconds while Nightingale heals 159k every 18 seconds, AND a large portion of that is up front and immediate. Also keep in mind that’s for a 7*, 3 gold bar Nightingale vs a 9*, plat Matador.

Night at 9* plat heals WAAAAY more on top of increasing damage with marking, stunning enemies, and providing a small regen if heroes fall below 80%. Matador can live a long time… but his damage is garbage and his shield almost never goes off because of this. When I see others use Matador I know I am at a huge advantage because it’s basically a 5vs4 match from the start.

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I see a fair share of Keels in the top 100. Not many Gammonds or Matadors. :slight_smile:
The top teams are pretty mixed with or without Flatline, but a lot of Ifrits for sure - would guess because it’s “his” tournament and he give extra score. Same with Ghoul. I have never seen this amounts of Ghouls before, indicating that he’s a reliable PVP hero and I wish I had him at more than 3*, haha.

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That’s true, but try to play with the other healer hero’s it’s impossible

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To everyone mentioning flatline, I did think about her too but ended up posting baron. But take a look at this my flatline is almost 2000 less in power and only gold plus 1 vs gold plus 3 and still does way more damage :rofl:

At least your Matador did more damage than theirs :smiley:

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True. At least Matador is a better healer and DPS… than other, lower level Matadors :laughing:

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The reason why @ULFPAM was right and only 1 is allowed to be active

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Is it just me or does Baron look a lot like Butter in that picture

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No, I just did a double take… your right they look almost the same in the face lol :rofl: