Matador is out of the pvp store

so my only hero that is close to 10 stars and been working on since the start is matador i have him at almost 700 out of 1080 to evolve to 10 stars so then i can farm him and now they removed him from the pvp store and he is the only hero changed in all stores (gauntlet and pvp)
so all my time and effort gone down the drain thanks HH i am about to quit the game after months of playtime and max level and 324k over all power team i think its time for me to stop and delete .

This was announced weeks ago - it shouldn’t be a surprise to you if you keep up with the forums.

I like Steele instead

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i dont keep up with the forums i just signed up to tell my opinion on this

I believe they also send everyone a message in their inbox in game for a thing like this. I honestly dont remember since most of those I read I already know about from the forums.

In either case sorry to see you go, but games and formats change. It happens. Some for better or worse.

They didn’t, which is bad
@yosai steele is even weaker than beck, why do you like him?

I can :stuck_out_tongue:

Steele is great. 3k damage per shot 4.5k shots per seconds, almost laser fire accuracy… excellent DPS. Only thing dragging him down is his position and health. He works a lot better as a midline.

i have no issue with steele i got him 6 stars and yesterday even got his legendary skin unlucked but i feel that all my work on matador since day one been for nothing its like killed my mood entirely why matador and only him all others stayed the in the shop

Its not like you cant work on him anymore with other frags and he is part of dailies and silver crates. But i understand especially if he is your first 10 star. Hopefully you can finish him off and move on soon.

And as for Steele, with the changes hes actually not too bad. Hes one ive played around with a bit and see potential. Really seems interesting to find a way to give a frontliner a dps role and switch the usual boring formations everyone uses. He will require support, but I imagine he will get a working team comp the community latches onto.

Just finish him with mech frags.

Yeah I understand that it’s a bummer, but that’s always a possibility. PvP store heroes have been changed every couple months for as long as I can remember. It’s the risk you take by making your whole progression strategy dependent on one hero. If you rely on one single hero and ignore the rest, you face the risk of losing out big time to stuff like this. Make sure you’re able to progress from multiple directions to mitigate that risk.

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Matador was one of the first heroes in the pvp store in the game, it was time for a change (but it definitely sucks if he was supposed to become a heronium farm for you!). And probably the best communication from HHG about this change to date so there were less surprises.

I have the same problem I spend a lot of pbp gems to matador since day one and had him just 9 stars but now its hard to get him 10stars
Btw do we have any information on the next hero that gets removed from the pvp store so I dontthink waste a lot of time on a other hero that I cant get to 10stars

Steele’s strong point is his bronze skill (Nerfed but still works) and his skill is not like Dogface (Not charging while skill is active) and if you use all ammo hitting the enemy, the skill will be ready immediately

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