Matador - what's the fuzz about?

I’ve never been playing as Matador. He’s one of those I started upgrading just a bit so he’s still low level promoted to Silver. I guess I got better healers early on and never had to use Matador. He’s now closing in on 6 stars though and since I see a lot of him in PVP I’m thinking maybe I miss something?
But look, his team heal is tiny, his single-target attack is weak, his self-heal is meh. His Gold skill activates only if he manages to kill a target but it looks good, I guess?

Do you use and love Matador?
What is his main strengths that makes him essential?

I think his biggest trait is that he is easy to farm.

You get a bunch of Matador shards from achievements (I don’t remember the exact number, but I think it was around 100-120), and you can get 3 each day from PvP quests. I’ve been playing for 80 days, so thats 350ish “free” frags.

And you can spend your gems to boost that even more.

As a hero… well, his shield is massive, but activating it only on kill, when his damage is lacking may be hard, and the second hero shielded is random, so you may end shielding a full HP tank, which is pointless. There are better healers or tanks, so he doesn’t shine there.

He does a good job at destroying walls (at least 2 per magazine, and his bronze skill can also destroy walls), so he can do quite well when paired with gold Keel.

In my opinion, he is just an average hero who can be easily farmed

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Ahright! So I won’t totally change my mind when I upgrade him to 6 stars and put days into promoting him to Gold? He will probably still be “average” to me.
Thing is I don’t have a good Keel - slowly gathering her fragments. It’s a bit odd that my Keel is only 2* my Heimlock is already at 8* (the power of the dollar / lucky crates).

Well, to be honest, he has his uses. He is one of the heroes with the highest max HP (at least he has the highest HP on my team), so he does a fairly good job at surviving high damage burst.

He is also mech, so he takes reduced damage from energy enemies. Given the amount of Sentries you can find on campaign, he performs good enough in PvE. When I cleared 7-1 hard, he was the only hero in my whole team who could survive the 6 bullets from Sentry’s first magazine.

But my interest for him in PvE may come from him being my only mech tank developed, so maybe if I had Ritcher geared, or more stars on Razorback, I wouldnt use Matador in PvE at all.

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OK; cool.
How high is his HP and how developer is he?

I have Savage at 6* and Razorback at his base, 5* and they both serve as decent mech-tanks. Savage has a bit over 200.000 HP + pretty good healing abilities as well so, Matador… Hm. We’ll see. I am upgrading Hivemind at the moment for absolutely no reason what so ever.

I remember when my Drake, Gammond and Matador were all around the same gear/stars, Matador had the highest HP of all my heroes. Now, he has too many stars or too low gear to compare with the rest of my tanks efficiently, so I can’t really provide useful data anymore, but here are my 3 heroes with highest HP.

Gold Matador 8* has 285k HP.
Plat Mandrake 8* has 310k HP
Gold 4 Gammond 7* has 264k HP

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Matador Gold 9* has 346k HP

GTSaiko already mentioned what makes him so popular. He is easy to farm. If you dont want to spent lots of cash or get really lucky, he is the best tank you have in the beginning.

For me he still is the best PvE tank there is in the game. His heal may not be the biggest, but one of the fastet, I think the only faster is Nightingale. Also his heal can give armor and he provokes the opponents, if one of your heroes was below 50% HP. The damage of his Bronze is good enough to kill some of the small guys running around in PvE and cobined with his gold, heals him, shields him and shields another hero.
He carried me through the Districts, untill you couldnt force yourself through ans needed change your team every new mission.
In PvP hes not the worst, like mentioned before, his Bronze works good with Keels Gold. But all in all his damage is to low to put him in a serious PvP team.

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Honestly, he’s pretty ordinary. I’ll agree with everyone else that he’s easy to farm and that’s his best asset. He used to be stronger (more damage and more healing) but I believe he’s one of the first heroes to ever be on the receiving end of the HHG nerf bat so he’s extremely lackluster in PvP now.

Like a lot of people who just start out, I leveled him up pretty quick thinking that he looked good and frags were readily available. Now he’s currently my only 10* because I had pushed so far with him before realizing that he’s nothing special that I just wanted to max him out so that all those easily farmable Matador frags would now become general Mech frags which I can apply to better other heroes. In that regard, he’s a freaking gold-mine now.

Same here, i use him form time to time, but the only reason pushing him further ist to get the Mech frags later :grin:

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