April Tournaments - PvP Tier list

Made a more recent PvP list based on previous tournaments from the month of April.
I collected the team from the top 50 players of the champions bracket from each tournament and recorded how often each hero was played. This may not be a tier list of the strongest heroes in pvp, but more as a who are people using the most.

As a clarification, the teams that show up in the leader board are the highest powered team that person played that event. I still think this data can be useful as highest power translates as heroes that player has put effort into.

This list is purely STATISTIC BASED, not my own opinion.

Tier 1
These heroes were seen in at least 15 or more teams in the top 50 for every tournament. Almost every successful team included 2 if not more of these heroes.

What does that number mean?

The number in ( ) is the total appearances made in the 8 tournaments recorded. (400 possible)

  • Mandrake (345)
  • Gammond (226)
  • Razorback (176)
  • Heimlock (146)
  • Dogface (136)

Tier 2
These heroes were seen in at least 7 to 11 teams per tournament out of the top 50. These heroes popularity fluctuates. All are very strong and are good replacements for any of the above heroes.

  • Clyde (91)
  • Halo (84)
  • Matador (76)
  • Phalanx (76)
  • Prophet (60)
  • Sapphyr (60)

Tier 3
These heroes were roughly seen at least 3-6 times per tournament (All are averages, doesn’t mean every tournament there was 3 people running moss.) These were special heroes. When they were seen, most team comps revolved around there skills.

  • Heckler (45)
  • Richter (44)
  • Fortress (36)
  • Keel (29)
  • Moss (26)

Tier 4
These heroes would be usually seen 1 to 2 times per event. Similar to above heroes, most of these heroes were either componets to specific comps or heroes that were high in * rank/power.

  • Odachi (22)
  • Hideo (21)
  • Baron (19)
  • Sentry (19)
  • Nightingale (17)
  • Maven (16)
  • Savage (13)
  • Hivemind (9)
  • Salvatore (8)

Tier 5
These heroes made less appearances then there were tournaments (They showed up less than 8 times the entire month.) Throw away heroes, usually unique heroes that a certain player focused on that was out of the ordinary.

  • Butter (7)
  • Beck (6)
  • Cast (6)
  • Hardscope (5)
  • Surge (5)
  • Phoenix (4)
  • Artemis (4)
  • Oro (3)
  • Mauler (3)
  • Yanlong (3)
  • Steele (3)
  • Cross (2)
  • Chesterfield (2)
  • Scum (2)
  • Ghoul (2)
  • Fischer (1)
  • Pris (1)
  • Ronin (1)
  • Callidus (1)

Tier don’t bother playing
These heroes did not show up in any top 50 team in any tournament. Either not popular enough or strong, these heroes are not focused on or even played in PvP.

  • Bolt (0)
  • Ryker (0)
  • Castellan (0)
  • Elite rifleman (0)
  • Francoise (0)
  • Galante (0)
  • Halloway (0)
  • Kunoichi (0)
  • Operator (0)
  • Vanguard (0)

Do you guys this this list is an accurate representation of the strongest PvP heroes? Is there Heroes less played/ more played then you thought? Would you like a list similar to this monthly?


Awesome information. Thanks for putting this together. I’d love to see a similar breakdown for the month of May, since several big changes (and the impact of plat heroes) took place then.

Thanks for the time and effort on that. Very informative.

I don’t think the 5 heroes shown in pvp tournaments next to name is the 5 most used. I think it’s the 5 used with highest power. It’s been showing the wrong ones for me often

That’s a possibility, but there’s been teams in the top 10 with silver heroes (like if they are using the bonus hero). It also changes with every event for every person, so even if it was the highest power it would still reflect the heroes that they were using.

I am trying to confirm right now what those 5 heroes actually are.

My go to team that is working really well for me so far is:

  • Dogface
  • Mandrake
  • Gammond
  • Moss
  • Sentry

3 rear heroes don’t work well… better 2 max

I win A LOT of PvP battles, while autoing and using 3 rear heroes. One of them goes to the middle row, so they may be vulnerable, but 3 rear heroes can actually be played and perform fairly good.

Did check on this, the 5 that show up should be the highest powered team they played and won with.

I still think this data could be helpful since some teams have a mix of plat and gold and maybe silver depending on who they want to run. Most peoples most used pvp team tends to be made up of their stronger heroes.