Merging low powered accounts to your main account saved on Google sign in

I have 2 devices that run HH signed in on Google for account backup. But my secondary device I usually loan to peeps, that’s when the HH install gets uninstalled (peeps need the storage so out goes HH)

So now I’m left with multiple low accounts which I work on from time to time.

So to the DECA, is there a way to merge those lower accounts to my main account?

A few suggestions i thought of…

Accounts Saved on Google sign in
Each account’s life must be more than 240 days old
Have more than 5 accounts
Additional accounts above Level 70 are not viable to merge to a higher account

Transfer of low account to strong(er) account(s) will include:

1 All in-game stamina, win tickets, skill points, currencies (gold, cash, Alliance-PVP-Gauntlet-
Heronium gems)

2 All existing equipment count in inventory
3 Unlocked heroes translate to frags

If anyone has suggestions please add

I’ll settle with being able to delete all the accounts i don’t want.

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I really don’t think this would be a good idea. It would take the whole ‘grinding’ away. And low level accounts barely have anything you need. And high level ones can mean you can just basically double what you get. Doesn’t seem fair to me

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