Mins Simulator Event Suggestion

Love to see when the simulator event comes out because it’s something new and a bit more of a challenge than the typical events. Plus it’s a lot of free gold so can’t complain there. With that said, got a couple suggestions:

  1. Not so sure it’s a scalable to power as suggested. I know I’m a higher tier player so it’s an unfair assessment but I threw my top tier team at 97k in and put it on auto for about 15 minutes until it hit level 90 and I died. I’m not complaining about the free gold but I didn’t really feel like it was that much of a challenge as I anticipated. I felt the last one was much more challenging. Which leads to my next suggestion.

B. Now that I’m done with the event, I don’t have any incentive to play it anymore. It’s going on for another 12 days but I have no reason to even bother with it. I’d like to suggest that a leaderboard be added to the event. For anyone that makes it past the final boss, they get entered on the board. Rank people by progress and level achieved. Perhaps reward those that make it the furthest.

Other than that, thanks for the new event and free gold. Hope to see some changes to the event in the future.


Agreed, a leaderboard would be really appreciated, I’d like to show of like last time :joy:


Agreed, it is challenging tho, not for high level player’s, I’m stuck in wave 100, couldn’t beat it yet and my team have 60K power

A leaderboard is necessary

Leaderboard for autobattle abusers? Why? This option may have sense only for manual players.

That’s a little harsh. For one, using auto-battle is not abusing anything whatsoever. It’s there for a reason. There is no way to make it for only manual players, because every game has the free option to auto-battle. You can’t just ban them from a leader-board, it would be ridiculously complicated to single out a person for using auto-battle. There isn’t anything wrong with auto-battle.

I personally love the idea of a leader-board. I think it would be really cool to face off against actual players or my alliance buddies.


You can only auto battle for so long before you have to manually play. As I mentioned earlier, if there was more of a challenge put forth, then the need for manual play is there. The previous min event, I could only auto to 40 before I had to start playing manually. This time it was 90 and now I have to play manually.

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Autobattle is help for equip farming. And nothing more. If leaderboard will be include this abusers than leaderbord was completelly useless. Play manually or play without leaderboard. Even if you very busy – you may find few time for one event. Or that, or go to play in any clicker.

If they agree with this they are probably going to reduce the original amount of rewards by a ton.

Some people really say crazy stuff in this thread


We probably got to accept the interwebs is for everyone

At least I haven’t been called a cheater yet. That’s always a plus.

You’re a cheater :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

For using auto play

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I liked the idea of leaderboard. I have to add that adding some rewards like getting tokens for clearing the stage which gives player option to purchase in shop is an option.

That way players can choose what they want. After portrait is achieved - players could play for tokens and get some bonus rewards of their own choice.

Liked this Simulator since I don’t find much time these days. Thank you for gold :ghost:

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