PVP needs to earn XP

It would be cool if pvp could earn some XP. Pvp is a learned event, one gets better the more one plays. To earn some XP, even 5 points, would make sense. Please consider.


Yes I would love it if it did. Pvp is fun but gems and bragging rights are the only rewards from free play. This would be cool way fo level up


I agree with this 100%. Even a small amount of xp on each match win would help. Pvp matches add up and any real HH player at least plays in auto to gain some wins for events. People would still have to spend gold to level up faster but the ones that truly rely on grinding the game will have another option to gain some more progress. Might even promote more pvp play which is always a plus. :slight_smile:


You should get XP for however many kills you get like PVP gems, so 10 XP for beating all 5 enemies, 2xp per enemy killed like how we get 20 gems a kill


Yes i agree, then i could level up faster by noliving pvp :slight_smile:

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1000% agree. :upside_down_face:

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100% correct i was thinking for this post to come in devas mind

I also agree pvp for xp and even for alliance and heronium stores…

We read all posts. This has been brought up before, and there are reasons why we haven’t done it, but I’ll pass the feedback along again. Thanks!

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Thanks for the opportunity to bring it up in a discussion.