Most Wanted Crate issue

IMO, there shouldn’t be so much featured heroes on MWC. What I mean?

Right now there are three: Slurp, Icebox & Cyphon.

Is understandable that Slurp as the newest hero and Icebox (as the one before slurps) are in MWC but why Cyphon?

I mean, he’s already on Hero Crate.

Someone who gets MWC tokes is almost 100% sure have gotten Cyphon more than two monts ago (more than one if we count the update date).

Alliances which get MWC tokes usually are full of 85+ level players which get the update hero in a maximum of 3 weeks and usually they already got these heroes on 10 stars so, MWC token doesn’t feel as a reward if you get a hero which you got 1 or 2 months ago.

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