New hero Tony hawk or what’s his name lol

Add him to 5* crate please :pray: since he’s a 5* hero lol geez


I like the title of this post lol

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This was common with Hothead if I’m remembering correctly. New hero was in Most Wanted and 5* crate. Wish this was still a thing.

Also he looks more like Anthony K from the Red Hot Chili Peppers to me.


I was thinking more Tommy Guerrero but Anthony K from the Chili Peppers for sure. Doesn’t the new hero drop from the 5 star once the Tier crates are released?

Marcus aka Tony Hawk, is only available right now in the “Most Wanted Crates” (MW Crates) fragments will become available through co-ops, and of course through the Marcus Hero Crate and Marcus Tier Crates, these crates bevome available only when the co-ops for fragments begin City Hall and Helios just like with every new hero updste.

New Heros are only placed in the 5 Star Crates or 7 Star Crates respectively, about 2-3 Months after the New Hero has dropped. This is just how it has been done since I’ve been on the game when Hot Head launched Hero Hunters.

The MW Crate tokens can be obtained by achieving the 300 Milestone level in Bounties.

I hope this helps You.

If you have any more questions or even if you need guidelines through campaigns you can message me in the game at Deathsquad058


HotHead add new heroes in 5* and 7* immediately until start merge with DECA. From Luciana update we lost new heroes in 5* crate, from Spewege this start and with 7* crate too.


Just an update that the Marcus Hero Crate and The Marcus Tier Crate have been released several hours ago.

I had gotten My Marcus in the MW Crate…

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He looks a grove street gang member from gta San Andreas with the green common skin