Multi-elements hero

Name: TheBetter

Element: Energy(principal), chemical, machanical
Faction: Mercenaries
Position: middle

Bronze att: [not discovered yet]
Silver att: [not discovered yet]

Gold: [Better than you] When hit by a critical att, have 50% chance to change his element to have an elemental advantage over the majority of his enemies for 10 seconde. If it’s alredy the case, get 50% more def for 10 seconde.

Platinium: [All from you] When an ally dies, swap their base attack for the enemy base attack that is higher. If his basic attack is already the highest, it exchanges his basic defense for the enemy’s highest basic defense. If his basic defense is the highest, draw enemy fire for 5 seconds.


atleast something different from others… Hope u’ll make it more beautiful… I really like it…

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